Despite having 5 catalog numbers, these stamps are easy to identify. Yet many collectors overlook the ease of identifying these stamps. The Scott numbers are 1338, 1338A, 1338D, 1338F, and 1338G.

The 8 stamp comes in two versions. Scott #1338F is the sheet stamp. Scott #1338G is the coil stamp.

Only the 6 stamp requires a little identification. The coil stamp is Scott #1338A. The sheet version comes in two varieties. Scott #1338 is perf 11 on all sides. Scott #1338D is perf 11 by 10.5.

One other minor note. Some coil stamps shows partial lines of ink along the perforations. It looks like it should be a line pair. However, the Scott catalog doesn't list prices for line pairs on these coil issues. That's because these stamps were printed on the Huck press. Unlike other rotary press coil stamps which have a gap between the printing plates yielding joint line pairs, the colored lines of ink on the Huck press printed stamps are not from a gap in the printing plates. These extra lines of ink are very common and have no extra value.