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Plate blocks

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706F-VF, sealed margin tear$5.00
709F, pinhole in UR stamp$2.00
711F-VF, LH, oxidized at T$18.00
711F-VF, trimmed perf hole$20.00
711F-VF, sm gum skip$32.00
712F, H, tiny stain$2.00
712F, pencil in margin$2.00
712F, H$3.00
712AV-F, lt gum dist on B pr$6.00
712VF, LH$8.00
713F-VF, thin, sm margin damage$15.00
713VF, cut down$25.00
715F-VF, carbon spot on UL stamp$50.00
715VF, dist gum spot$75.00
715VF, LH$83.00
715VF, tiny perf stain$100.00
716(6) B, VF, H, nibbed perf$7.50
719F, LH$7.00
719F, pencil in margin$9.00
719F-VF, carbon speck on gum, folded vert perfs$11.00
720F, LH$0.50
725(6) T, F-VF$15.00
726(6) T, F-VF$10.00
726(6) B, VF$15.00
733(6) T, F-VF, crease, toned spot on gum$5.00
733(6) T, F-VF, gum crease$5.00
733(6) T, F-VF, H$6.00
733(6) B, F-VF, H$6.00
733(6) T, F-VF, natural gum skip$7.00
733(6) B, F-VF, missing gum in UR corner$7.50
733(6) T, F-VF$8.00
733(6) B, F-VF$8.00
733(6) VF, crease at UL corner$10.00
733(6) T, VF, H$11.00
733(6) B, VF, H$11.00
733(6) B, VF$14.00
736(6) B, F-VF, few gum skips$3.75
736(6) T, VF, 3 perf seps in margin$5.00
736(6) T, F-VF$5.75
736(6) B, F-VF$5.75
737F-VF, H$0.50
737F-VF, pencil in margin$0.60
737F-VF, sm margin tear$0.70
739(6) T, F-VF, perf tear in UR margin$2.00
739(6) T, F-VF, gum skip$2.00
740(6) T, F-VF, gum skip$1.25
740(6) T, F-VF, LH$1.25
740(6) T, F-VF$1.75
741(6) B, F$0.80
741T, F-VF, LH$1.00
741(6) T, F-VF$1.25
741(6) B, F-VF$1.25
744(6) B, F-VF, H, large paper adhesion on back affecting 1 stamp$4.00
744(6) T, VF, pulled perf, lt crease$8.00
744(6) T, VF, LH$9.00
745(6) VF, T, sm crease$17.00
745(6) B, VF$20.00
746(6) T, VF, lt crease, gum skip$5.00
746(6) VF, H, sm stain$7.00
746(6) T, VF, few gum skips$8.00
746(6) B, VF, lt crease$9.00
746(6) T, VF, sm sealed perf sep in margin$10.00
746(6) B, VF$11.00
747(6) B, VF, crease$10.00
747(6) B, F-VF$15.00
747(6) T, F-VF$15.00
747(6) T, VF$22.00
747(6) B, VF$22.00
748(6) T, F-VF, crease at L$5.00
748(6) T, F, H in ungummed margin only$8.00
748(6) T, VF, crease at UR$9.00
748(6) B, F-VF, gum skip$10.00
748(6) T, F-VF, one perf sep$10.00
748(6) T, F-VF, gum skip$10.00
748(6) T, VF, 2 short perfs on one stamp$13.00
748(6) B, VF, lt crease, carbon speck on face$13.00
749(6) T, F-VF, crease$15.00
749(6) B, F-VF, sm speck dist gum$15.00
749(6) VF, H, sm stain$15.00
749(6) B, F-VF, tiny gum inclusion$20.00
749(6) T, VF, H$20.00
749(6) T, VF-XF, sm crease in margin$25.00
749(6) B, F-VF$26.00
749(6) B, VF$32.00
753(6) B, F, tiny stain$4.00
753(6) T, F-VF, lt toning$7.00
753(6) B, F-VF$12.00
753(6) T, F-VF$12.00
754(6) T, VF, lt crease$8.00
755(6) B, VF$11.00
755(6) T, VF$11.00
758(6) T, VF, lt crease$6.00
758(6) T, VF$12.00
758(6) B, VF$12.00
759(6) T, VF, heavy crease$6.00
759(6) T, VF$18.00
759(6) B, VF$18.00
761(6) T, VF, sm corner crease$25.00
764(6) B, VF, carbon speck in margin$20.00
773California Pacific Exposition$1.30
774Boulder Dam$1.90
775Michigan Centenary$1.60
776Texas Centennial$1.35
777Rhode Island Tercentenary$1.20
782Arkansas Centennial$1.30
783Oregon Territory$0.60
784Susan B. Anthony$0.60
785Generals Washington, Greene and Mt. Vernon$0.75
786Generals Jackson, Scott and the Hermitage$0.65
787Generals Sherman, Grant and Sheridan$1.70
788Generals Lee, 'Stonewall' Jackson and Stratford Hall$7.00
789West Point$4.95
790John Paul Jones and John Barry$0.60
791Stephen Decatur and Thomas MacDonough$0.55
792Admirals David G. Farragut and David D. Porter$0.90
793Admirals Sampson, Dewey and Schley$8.00
794Seal of US Naval Academy and Naval Cadets$8.00
795Ordinance of 1787 Sesquicentennial$1.30
796Virginia Dare$3.50
798Constitution Sesquicentennial$1.70