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Plate blocks

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611(6) L, VF, H, regummed$30.00
611(6) R, VF, LH, lt toning on gum$50.00
611(6) R, VF$100.00
612AVE-F, trace LH$125.00
615(6) T, VF, H$55.00
615(6) T, F-VF$60.00
616(6) T, F-VF, lt gum skip$175.00
616(6) B, F-VF$225.00
616(6) B, VF, H$235.00
618(6) R, F$32.00
618(6) B, F-VF, gum crease, blemish on gum of one copy$40.00
618(6) R, VF$85.00
619(6) L, F-VF, gum skip$150.00
619(6) R, F-VF$200.00
620(6) T, F-VF$185.00
621(8) T, F-VF$425.00
621(6) T, VF$700.00
622(6) R, F-VF, sm crease$175.00
622(6) R, VF, sm gum skip$200.00
623(6) B, VF, H$225.00
623(6) L, VF$325.00
627(6) B, F, dist gum, some perf seps$8.00
627(6) T, F-VF, LH$25.00
627(6) T, F-VF$35.00
631VF, reduced margin$50.00
631VF, LH$55.00
633F, tiny stain in margin and erased pencil notation$25.00
633VF, LH$70.00
637F-VF, LH, margin creasess$6.00
637VF, H$12.00
638F, lt crease$5.00
638F-VF, few perf seps, sm margin tear$7.00
639F, few minor perf seps$5.00
640F, two nibbed perfs$5.00
642F, sm paper adhesion to margin on back$5.00
642F-VF, LH$12.00
644(6) R, XF, H$42.00
645(6) L, F, LH$8.00
645(6) B, VF, H, sm black adhesion on gum from mount$11.00
645(6) B, F-VF, H$15.00
646F, 50% horiz perf seps$9.00
647F-VF, tiny piece of margin missing between 2 perfs at B$125.00
647VF, trace LH$125.00
649(6) R, F-VF, LH$7.50
651T, F, some perf seps at R$4.00
654(6) B, F-VF$26.00
655VF, LH$35.00
657(6) R, F-VF, LH$14.00
657(6) R, F-VF, few sm gum skips$15.00
657(6) B, F-VF$25.00
661F, H$95.00
662F-VF, R margin cut even, but one perf short of B of stamp$125.00
665AVE, pencil in margin$125.00
669-679F, regummed, Nebr set (missing 676), over $3400 catalog value$400.00
670F, LH$35.00
672F, H$90.00
674F, LH, 2 sm spots of black mount adhesion on gum$135.00
680(6) B, F-VF, H$10.00
680(6) R, F-VF, H$12.00
680(6) R, F-VF, trace LH$14.00
680(6) L, F-VF, lt wrinkles in margin$15.00
680(6) T, F-VF, gum crease$16.00
680(6) B, F-VF$21.00
681(6) R, F, two perf seps$6.00
681(6) T, F-VF, gum skips$9.00
681(6) T, VF, gum skip, nibbed perf at L$10.00
681(6) T, F, H in margin$17.00
682(6) T, F, heavy crease thru 2 stamps$5.00
685F-VF, LH$9.00
688(6) T, F-VF, lt crease in UL margin$22.00
689(6) T, F-VF, sm gum skip$11.00
689(6) T, F-VF$18.00
689(6) B, F-VF$18.00
689(6) T, F-VF, tiny carbon speck on gum$22.00
690(6) T, F, gum skip, few margin perf seps$3.00
690(6) T, F$6.00
690(6) B, F-VF, gum skip$8.00
690(6) T, F-VF, gum skip$8.00
693F-VF, gum skip$19.00
699F-VF, tiny gum blemish$40.00