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Plate blocks

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500(6) R, F, 2010 APEX cert, lt dist gum and expertly rejoined perf seps, very scarce$650.00
506(6) T, F-VF, trace LH, tiny bit of oxidation at LR stamp$100.00
508(6) B, F$95.00
511(6) R, F+, 3 blunt perfs, minor perf set$100.00
513(6) T, F-VF, trace LH in selvedge only, stamps NH$100.00
526(6) T, F, LH$90.00
526(6) L, F, tiny gum crease$165.00
527(6) T, F. lt crease LL$125.00
528A(6) L, AVE-F$175.00
528B(6) T, F$125.00
528B(6) B, F-VF+, trace of LH$150.00
531(6) T, VF, light discolored spot on gum$100.00
536(6) T, F$120.00
537(6) R, F, weak perfs btwn T two rows$85.00
537(6) B, F-VF, trace LH$175.00
540T, F, trace LH, pl #13693$45.00
540T, F, pl #10384 "S 30"$70.00
542(3) L, F, strip/3$50.00
548(6) B, F, carbon spot on gum, some perf seps on UL stamp$24.00
549(6) R, F-VF$95.00
550(6) B, F-VF, LH$315.00
550(6) T, F-VF, sm gum skip$450.00
558(6) B, F-VF$450.00
560(6) L, F-VF$650.00
562(6) B, F-VF$300.00
567(6) L, F$200.00
567(6) B, F-VF, LH$210.00
568(6) B, VF, LH$275.00
568(6) L, F-VF$300.00
569(6) T, VF, trace LH$325.00
570(6) T, F-VF, 1/16 inch triangular area trimmed off in each corner of selvedge$450.00
570(6) T, F-VF, tiny gum skip$450.00
571(6) T, VF$500.00
571(6) B, VF$550.00
572(6) B, VF, lt crease$750.00
573(6) T, F-VF+, 2002 PSE cert$2,100.00
575(6) R, VF, LH$75.00
575(6) B, VF, LH$75.00
576(6) T,VF, LH, black mount adhesions on gum$20.00
578(6) T, F, trace LH, 2 stamps are NH$700.00
579(4) T, F-VF$700.00