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1500Marconi's Spark Coil and Spark Gap$0.45
1501Transistors and Printed Circuit Board$0.55
1502Microphone, Speaker, Vacuum Tube and TV Camera Tube$1.00
1503Lyndon B. Johnson$2.20
1504Angus and Longhorn Cattle$0.40
1505Chautauqua Tent and Buggies$0.55
1506Wheat Fields and Train$0.55
1507Small Cowper Madonna$1.40
1508Christmas Tree in Needlepoint$1.40
150950-Star and 13-Star Flags$3.25
1510Jefferson Memorial$0.50
1511Mail Transport$1.20
1525Veterans of Foreign Wars$0.50
1526Robert Frost$0.60
1527Expo '74 World's Fair$1.75
1528Horse Racing$2.00
1530-37Universal Postal Union$1.75
1538-41Mineral Heritage$0.50
1542Kentucky Settlement$0.50
1543-46First Continental Congress$0.50
1547Energy Conservation$0.50
1548Legend of Sleepy Hollow$0.45
1549Retarded Children$0.60
1551Currier and Ives$1.70
1552Dove Weather Vane$2.60
1553Benjamin West$1.60
1554Paul Laurence Dunbar$1.90
1555D. W. Griffith$0.55
1556Pioneer 10$0.55
1557Mariner 10$0.55
1558Collective Bargaining$0.95
1559Sybil Ludington$1.30
1560Salem Poor$1.50
1561Haym Salomon$1.45
1562Peter Francisco$2.60
1563Lexington-Concord Battle$1.50
1564Bunker Hill Battle$1.80
1565-68Military Uniforms$1.80
1569-70Apollo Soyuz Space$1.95
1571International Women's Year 1975$0.90
1572-75US Postal Service Bicentennial$1.70
1576World Peace Through Law$0.55
1577-78Banking and Commerce$0.70
1579Madonna and Child$1.80
1580Christmas Card$1.80
1580BChristmas Card$10.00
1580cChristmas Card$1.80
1581Inkwell and Quill$0.15
1582Speaker's Stand$0.20
1584Early Ballot Box$0.35
1585Books, Bookmark, Eyeglasses$0.45
1591Dome of Capitol$0.60
1592Contemplation of Justice$0.75
1593Early American Printing Press$0.75
1594Torch, Statue of Liberty$1.50
1596Eagle and Shield$2.00
1597Fort McHenry Flag$6.25
1599Statue of Liberty$1.25