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1306Migratory Bird Treaty$0.35
1307Humane Treatment of Animals$0.40
1308Indiana Statehood$0.50
1309American Circus$0.40
1312Bill Of Rights$0.35
1313Polish Millennium$0.35
1314National Park Service$0.40
1315Marine Corps Reserve$0.65
1316General Federation of Women's Clubs$0.35
1317Johnny Appleseed$0.45
1318Beautification of America$0.40
1319Great River Road$0.35
1320Savings Bond-Servicemen$0.40
1321Madonna and Child$0.30
1322Mary Cassatt$0.35
1323National Grange$0.35
1324Canada Centenary$0.30
1325Erie Canal$0.35
1326Search For Peace$0.35
1327Henry David Thoreau$0.45
1328Nebraska Statehood$0.65
1329Voice of America$0.35
1330Davy Crockett$0.45
1331-32Accomplishments In Space$1.75
1333Urban Planning$0.35
1334Finnish Independence$0.35
1335Thomas Eakins$0.35
1336Madonna and Child$0.30
1337Mississippi Statehood$0.70
1338Flag And White House$0.40
1338DFlag and White House$2.60
1339Illinois Statehood$0.45
1340Hemisfair '68$0.45
1342Support Our Youth$0.45
1343Law And Order$0.50
1344Register And Vote$0.45
1345-54Historic Flag Series$2.95
1355Walt Disney$1.00
1356Father Marquette$0.50
1357Daniel Boone$0.45
1358Arkansas River Navigation$0.50
1359Leif Erikson$0.45
1360Cherokee Strip$0.80
1361John Trumbull$0.55
1362Waterfowl Conservation$0.55
1363Angel Gariel, from 'The Annunciation'$1.00
1364Chief Joseph$0.55
1365-68Beautification of America$0.75
1369American Legion$0.45
1370Grandma Moses$0.45
1371Apollo 8$0.70
1372W.C. Handy$0.50
1373California Settlement$0.50
1374John Wesley Powell$0.50
1375Alabama Statehood$0.50
1376-79Botanical Congress$1.30
1380Dartmouth College Case$0.45
1381Professional Baseball$1.05
1382Intercollegiate Football$0.70
1383Dwight D. Eisenhower$0.50
1384Winter Sunday in Norway, Maine$1.10
1385Hope for Crippled$0.50
1386William M. Harnett$0.40
1387-90Natural History$0.45
1391Maine Statehood$0.50
1392American Buffalo$0.55
1393Dwight D. Eisenhower$0.35
1393DBenjamin Franklin$0.50
1394Dwight D. Eisenhower$0.45
1396U.S. Postal Service Emblem$1.75
1397Fiorello H. LaGuardia$1.00
1398Ernest Taylor Pyle$1.95
1399Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell$1.20