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1100Gardening Horticulture$0.35
1104Brussels Exhibition$0.35
1105James Monroe$0.50
1106Minnesota Statehood$0.40
1107Geophysical Year$0.30
1108Gunston Hall$0.35
1109Mackinac Bridge$0.35
1110Simon Bolivar$0.30
1111Simon Bolivar$0.80
1112Atlantic Cable Centennial$0.30
1113Lincoln by George Healy$0.30
1114Lincoln by Gutzon Borglum$0.45
1115Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas Debating$0.45
1116Daniel Chester French Statue of Lincoln$0.45
1117Lajos Kossuth$0.35
1118Lajos Kossuth$0.60
1119Freedom of Press$0.35
1120Overland Mail$0.35
1121Noah Webster$0.35
1122Forest Conservation$0.40
1123Fort Duquesne$0.35
1124Oregon Statehood$0.40
1125Jose de San Martin$0.25
1126Jose de San Martin$0.80
1128Arctic Explorations$0.30
1129World Peace Through World Trade$0.60
1130Silver Centennial$0.50
1131St. Lawrence Seaway$0.30
113249-Star Flag$0.30
1133Soil Conservation$0.45
1134Petroleum Industry$0.55
1135Dental Health$0.45
1136Ernst Reuter$0.40
1137Ernst Reuter$0.80
1138Dr. Ephraim McDowell$0.35
1139George Washington Quotation$0.35
1140Benjamin Franklin Quotation$0.35
1141Thomas Jefferson Quotation$0.40
1142Francis Scott Key Quotation$0.40
1143Abraham Lincoln Quotation$0.35
1144Patrick Henry Quotation$0.40
1145Boy Scout Jubilee$0.50
1146Olympic Winter Games$0.35
1147Thomas G. Masaryk$0.35
1148Thomas G. Masaryk$0.80
1149World Refugee Year$0.35
1150Water Conservation$0.40
1152American Woman$0.35
115350-Star Flag$0.35
1154Pony Express Centennial$0.45
1155Employ The Handicapped$0.35
1156World Forestry Congress$0.35
1157Mexican Independence$0.35
1158US-Japan Treaty$0.65
1159Ignacy Jan Paderewski$0.35
1160Ignacy Jan Paderewski$0.80
1161Senator Taft Memorial$0.40
1162Wheels of Freedom$0.40
1163Boys' Club of America$0.40
1164First Automated Post Office in the US$0.35
1165Baron Gustaf Mannerheim$0.35
1166Baron Gustaf Mannerheim$0.80
1167Camp Fire Girls$0.50
1168Giuseppe Garibaldi$0.40
1169Giuseppe Garibaldi$0.80
1170Senator George Memorial$0.40
1171Andrew Carnegie$0.40
1172John Foster Dulles Memorial$0.35
1173Echo 1 - Communications for Peace$0.40
1174Mahatma Gandhi$0.30
1175Mahatma Gandhi$0.75
1176Range Conservation$0.60
1177Horace Greeley$0.40
1178Sea Coast Gun of 1861$0.95
1181Battle of the Wilderness$0.45
1183Kansas Statehood$0.35
1184Senator Norris$0.30
1185Naval Aviation$0.40
1186Workmen's Compensation$0.35
1187Frederic Remington$0.35
1188Republic of China$0.55
1189Naismith - Basketball$0.40
1191New Mexico Statehood$0.40
1192Arizona Statehood$0.40
1193Project Mercury$0.35
1194Malaria Eradication$0.30
1195Charles Evans Hughes$0.30
1196Seattle World's Fair$0.35
1197Louisiana Statehood$0.40
1198Homestead Act, Centenary$0.30
1199Girl Scouts$0.30