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488EFOMNH, F-VF pr with ink smear$5.00
842EFOMNH LP, Fine centering, miscut, tiny pl # showing$1.00
75L1StampHale and Company, local. cut to shape, pen cancel$8.00
839StampMNH LP, Fine centering$0.40
849StampMNH Pair, Fine centering$0.75
850StampMLH single$0.50
850StampMNH LP, Fine centering$2.00
851StampMNH LP, Fine centering$2.00
899StampMNH, pr, blind perfs, lt stain$0.35
1053StampVF, LH$30.00
1384StampSingle, Baltimore, MD precancel$0.20
1384StampSingle, New Haven, CT precancel$0.20
1384StampSingle, Atlanta, GA precancel$0.20
1384StampSingle, Memphis, TN precancel$0.20
1384StampComplete set/4, MNH singles, precancelled$0.80
1901StampMNH pl #3 strip/5$11.00
1904StampMNH pl #2 strip/5$25.00
1904StampMNH pl #1 strip/5$25.00
1907StampMNH pl #3 strip/5$80.00
1908StampMNH Pl #1 strip/5$75.00
1908StampMNH, pl #1 strip/5$125.00
1908StampMNH Pl #5 strip/5, very rare$400.00
1908StampMNH, pl #2 strip/5$700.00
2409aStampMNH unfolded pane$6.00
2495-95AStampMNH pl # strip/5$10.00
J94StampMNH, dull gum$70.00