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C1F, H, centerline Blk/4 $125.00 
C1F-VF, 2001 PSE cert$75.00  
C1VF, H Blk/4 with horiz guideline, 2 copies H, 1 LH, 1 NH, exceptional ink color $265.00 
C1F-VF, lt gum blemish, unpunched perf $45.00 
C1VF, T margin copy$130.00  
C1VF, tiny gum blemish$125.00  
C1F, sm tear$30.00  
C1F, LH, Blk/4, some oxidation at T $75.00 
C1F-VF, speck on gum$70.00  
C1VF, very brown color from oxidation$20.00  
C1F-VF, lt oxidation, horiz guide lines on T perfs$60.00  
C1F-VF, H, sm thin, lt crease $30.00 
C1VF, trace of oxidation at T$115.00  
C1F, H $30.00 
C2F-VF, tiny gum inclusion $45.00 
C2F  $15.00
C2F-VF  $20.00
C2F-VF, carbon speck on gum$90.00  
C2F, H, Blk/4, carbon spot on gum $135.00 
C2F-VF, H, lt crease $35.00 
C2F, NG $20.00 
C2F, sm gum skip$100.00  
C2VF  $32.00
C2VF, tiny gum crease$125.00  
C2F-VF, HH, T pl # strip/3, two pin holes in two copies, sm thin $85.00 
C2F-VF, SE  $5.00
C2F-VF, H $45.00 
C2F, LH $33.00 
C2VF, regummed, lt crease, perf stain $20.00 
C2F-VF, moderate cancel  $16.00
C2VF, regummed $30.00 
C2F, LH, SE $15.00 
C2F-VF, regummed $20.00 
C2VF, H, tiny thin $50.00 
C2F-VF, LH, unpunched perf $38.00 
C2F-VF, H, ink mark on gum $30.00 
C3F, LL margin Blk/4 with sideographer initials, lt dist gum, thin, few perf seps in L margin $110.00 
C3F-VF, T margin Blk/4, blue pl #8493, lt dist gum in selvedge and 2 stamps, blunt looking perfs at L $275.00 
C3F-VF, LH $47.00 
C3F, reperf at R, fast plane variety, 2013 PSE cert  $50.00
C3VF, horiz guide line Blk/4, LL is NH, rest are LH $410.00 
C3F, SE$21.00  
C3XF-Superb, 2005 PSE cert, guide line lightly scraped off bottom perfs$250.00  
C3F, H $35.00 
C3F, H, sm thin $15.00 
C3F-VF, HH, regummed $20.00 
C3VF, trace of LH $70.00 
C3AVE-F pr, horiz guide line. LH at T $175.00 
C4VF, H $18.00 
C4F-VF, LH $12.00 
C4F-VF, H, sm thin $7.50 
C4F-VF, HH $8.00 
C4VF, SE$19.00  
C5AVE, LH $15.00 
C5VF  $26.00
C5VF, LH $70.00 
C5F-VF, H, sm thin $30.00 
C5F-VF, H $48.00 
C5VF, trace LH $55.00 
C5F-VF, H, regummed $15.00 
C5F, HH $26.00 
C5F-VF, tiny gum inclusion $45.00 
C5F-VF, H, sm corner thin $25.00 
C5VF, regummed, layout dot and guideline $35.00 
C6F-VF  $18.00
C6F-VF, regummed $25.00 
C6VF, lt crease  $20.00
C6VF  $26.00
C6VF, expertly regummed $50.00 
C6F  $14.00
C6F-VF, lt blue ink offset on gum $40.00 
C6F-VF, H $75.00 
C6F-VF, H, thin $25.00 
C7F, crease  $0.05
C7VF, thin  $0.05
C7VF, tiny gum skip $3.00 
C7VF, LH $3.00 
C7F-VF, tiny gum skip $1.75 
C7VF  $0.35
C7F-VF  $0.20
C7F  $0.15
C8VF, large margins, tiny gum skip, UR margin copy, tiny margin crease $8.00 
C8VF, carbon speck on gum$3.00  
C8VF, LH $3.00 
C8VF, tiny stain$3.00  
C8XF, B margin copy, sm gum skip affecting stamp $5.00 
C9VF, Blk/4$48.00  
C9F-VF, short perf$4.00  
C9F, SE, creased  $0.25
C9F-VF, LH $4.50 
C9F-VF, SE  $0.60
C10VF, Blk/4, T pr H, B pr NH $32.00 
C10F-VF  $1.30
C10VF, LH $7.00 
C10F, SE$1.00  
C10F-VF, LH $4.50 
C10VF, 2 mm stamped 'H.C.B' on back$8.00  
C10aF, sm nat gum skip $40.00 
C10aAVE, full pane/3, sm natural missing gum spot $30.00 
C11F, SE  $0.15
C11F-VF, H $3.00 
C11F-VF, lt glazed gum $2.25 
C11F, lt crease$1.50  
C11F-VF, LR Blk/4 with sideographer initials$15.00  
C11F, LH $1.50 
C11F, SE$1.00  
C11F-VF, tiny gum inclusion$3.00  
C12F-VF, SE  $0.15
C12F, LH $3.75 
C12F-VF, SE$3.00  
C12VF-XF, scarce pl #19947T single$35.00  
C12F-VF, LH $6.00 
C12F, carbon speck on gum$4.00  
C12F-VF, lt crease$5.00  
C13VF, LH $150.00 
C13F-VF, H, crease, tiny thin $110.00 
C14VF, lt crease$550.00  
C14VF, LH $325.00 
C15VF, lt finger print on gum$750.00  
C16F-VF, Blk/4$23.00  
C16F, H $1.75 
C16F  $0.30
C16F-VF  $0.40
C17F-VF, Blk/4$9.00  
C17F  $0.15
C17F, LH $0.75 
C18F-VF, pl #21172B single$60.00  
C18F-VF Blk/4, lt crease, toned gum, pl #21178B$80.00  
C18VF, Blk/4$375.00  
C18F-VF, LH, pl #21172B single $40.00 
C19F, LH $1.10 
C19XF, encased with PSE certificate$40.00  
C19VF  $0.20
C19F-VF  $0.15
C19F, LH, short perf $0.25 
C19F  $0.10
C19F-VF, LH $2.25 
C19F-VF, UL #21237 full pane/50. missing LR margin corner not affecting PB$110.00  
C20F-VF  $0.20
C21VF, LH, lt green $7.00 
C22F-VF  $2.50
C22F+, Blk/4, sm natural gum skip$17.00  
C23VF, LH $0.30 
C23F-VF  $0.15
C23F  $0.08
C24F-VF, LH $3.50 
C24VF  $1.25
C24F-VF, lt crease UR$2.00  
C25Transport Plane - Carmine$0.15 $0.15
C26Transport Plane - Olive Green$0.20 $0.15
C27Transport Plane - Violet$1.35 $0.15
C28Transport Plane - Brown Carmine$2.75 $0.25
C29Transport Plane - Bright Green$2.25 $0.25
C30Transport Plane - Blue$2.50 $0.25
C31Transport$11.50 $2.75
C32DC-4 Skymaster$0.15 $0.15
C33DC-4 Skymaster$0.15 $0.15
C34Pan American Union Building$0.30 $0.15
C35Statue of Liberty$0.30 $0.15
C36Boeing B377 Stratocruiser$1.00 $0.15
C37Small plane$0.90  
C37-LPSmall plane$9.00  
C37-PRSmall Plane$1.75  
C38Map of Five Boroughs$0.15 $0.15
C39DC-4 Skymaster$0.15 $0.15
C39aDC-4 Skymaster$8.00  
C40Alexandria Seal$0.15 $0.15
C41Small plane$2.95 $0.15
C41-LPSmall plane$14.00  
C41-PRDC-4 Skymaster$6.00  
C42Post Office Department Building$0.25 $0.15
C43Globe and Doves$0.35 $0.15
C44Boeing Stratocruiser and Globe$0.60 $0.35
C45Wright Brothers$0.15 $0.15
C46Diamond Head$5.00 $1.75
C47First Plane and Modern Plane$0.15 $0.15
C48Eagle in Flight - Blue$0.15 $0.15
C49B-52 Stratofortress and F-104 Starfighters$0.15 $0.15
C50Eagle in Flight - Red$0.20 $0.15
C51Jet Airliner - Blue$0.15 $0.15
C52Jet, blue$2.00 $0.15
C52-LPJet Airliner - Blue$13.00  
C52-PRJet Airliner - Blue$4.00  
C53Alaska$0.15 $0.15
C54Balloon and Crowd$0.15 $0.15
C55Hawaii$0.15 $0.15
C56Runner Holding Torch$0.25 $0.20
C57Liberty Bell - Black & Green$1.00 $0.90
C58Statue of Liberty$0.40 $0.15
C59Abraham Lincoln$0.60 $0.15
C60Jet Airliner - Carmine$0.15 $0.15
C61Jet, carmine$4.00 $0.25
C61-LPJet Airliner - Carmine$30.00  
C61-PRJet Airliner - Carmine$7.00  
C62Liberty Bell - Black & Red$0.40 $0.15
C63Statue of Liberty$0.30 $0.15
C64Jet Airliner over Capitol$0.20 $0.15
C64bJet Airliner over Capitol$6.00  
C65Capitol$0.25 $0.15
C65-LPJet Airliner over Capitol$1.25  
C65-PRJet Airliner over Capitol$0.45  
C66Montgomery Blair$0.65 $0.45
C67Bald Eagle$0.15 $0.15
C68Amelia Earhart$0.15 $0.15
C69Robert H. Goddard$0.45 $0.15
C70Tlingit Totem$0.30 $0.20
C71Columbia Jays$0.90 $0.15
C72Fifty-Star Runway$0.25 $0.15
C72bFifty-Star Runway, booklet pane$1.65  
C73Runway$0.25 $0.15
C73-PRFifty-Star Runway$0.45  
C74Curtiss Jenny$0.25 $0.15
C75'USA' and Jet$0.50 $0.15
C76First Man on the Moon$0.30 $0.15
C77Delta Wing Plane$0.20 $0.15
C78Jet Airliner$0.25 $0.15
C78aJet Airliner$1.00  
C79Winged Airmail Envelope$0.30 $0.15
C79aWinged Envelope$1.25  
C80Statue of Liberty$0.40 $0.25
C81'USA' and Jet$0.35 $0.15
C82Jet$0.25 $0.15
C82-LPJet Airliner$0.70  
C82-PRJet Airliner$0.45  
C83Winged Envelope$0.30 $0.15
C83-LPWinged Envelope$1.00  
C83-PRWinged Envelope$0.55  
C84Kii Statue and Temple$0.25 $0.15
C85Olympic Games - Skiing and Olympic Rings$0.25 $0.15
C86Electronics Progress - De Forest Audions$0.25 $0.15
C87Statue of Liberty$0.45 $0.40
C88Mt. Rushmore$0.55 $0.15
C89Plane and Globes$0.55 $0.15
C90Plane, Globes and Flags$0.70 $0.15
C91Wright Brothers$0.85 $0.40
C91-92Wright Brothers$1.70  
C92Wright Brothers$0.85 $0.40
C93Octave Chanute$0.90  
C93-94Octave Chanute$1.80  
C94Octave Chanute$0.90  
C95Wiley Post$1.60  
C95-96Wiley Post$3.20  
C96Wiley Post$1.60  
C97Olympic Games$0.65 $0.25
C98Philip Mazzei$0.85 $0.20
C99Blanche Stuart Scott$0.70 $0.30
C100Glenn Curtiss$0.70 $0.25
C101Summer Olympics 1984$1.05  
C101-04Summer Olympics 1984$4.20  
C102Summer Olympics 1984$1.05  
C103Summer Olympics 1984$1.05  
C104Summer Olympics 1984$1.05  
C105Summer Olympics 1984$1.25  
C105-08Summer Olympics 1984$5.00  
C107Summer Olympics 1984$1.25  
C108Summer Olympics 1984$1.25  
C109Summer Olympics 1984$1.50  
C109-12Summer Olympics 1984$6.00  
C110Summer Olympics 1984$1.50  
C111Summer Olympics 1984$1.50  
C112Summer Olympics 1984$1.50  
C113Alfred V. Verville$0.85 $0.40
C114Lawrence Sperry and Father Elmer$0.90 $0.35
C115Transpacific Airmail, 50th Anniv.$1.10 $0.35
C116Fr. Junipero Serra$1.50  
C117Settling of New Sweden$0.85  
C118Samuel P. Langley$0.75  
C119Igor Sikorsky$0.65  
C120French Revolution Bicentennial$1.00  
C121Southeast Carved Figure$1.00  
C12220th UPU Congress - Futuristic Mail Delivery$1.50  
C122-2520th UPU Congress - Futuristic Mail Delivery$6.00  
C12320th UPU Congress - Futuristic Mail Delivery$1.50  
C12420th UPU Congress - Futuristic Mail Delivery$1.50  
C12520th UPU Congress - Futuristic Mail Delivery$1.50  
C12620th UPU Congress - Futuristic Mail Delivery SOUVENIR SHEET$2.75  
C127Tropical Coast$1.95  
C128Harriet Quimby$1.10  
C129William T. Piper$1.10  
C130Antarctic Treaty$1.40  
C132William T. Piper$2.50  
C133Niagara Falls$1.00  
C134Rio Grande$0.75  
C135Grand Canyon$1.00  
C136Nine-Mile Prairie$1.25  
C137Mt. McKinley$1.50  
C139Bryce Canyon$1.00  
C140Great Smokey Mountains$1.25  
C142Okefenokee Swamp$1.25  
C143Hagatna Bay$1.65  
C14413 Mile Woods$1.25  
C14594c Virgin Islands$1.75  
C146Zion National Park$1.45  
C147Grand Teton National Park$1.75  
C148Voyageurs National Park$1.50  
C149Glacier National Park$1.50  
C150$1.05 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania$2.00  
CE1Seal, blue$0.70 $0.50
CE2Seal, red & blue$0.40 $0.20