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BK54complete booklet$25.00  
BK66complete booklet$50.00  
BK69small black spot on cover$100.00  
BK81tiny black spot on R edge of each pane$5.00  
BK81blue crayon '49' on cover$5.00  
BK83complete booklet, damaged back cover (large surface thin)$100.00  
BK83complete booklet$700.00  
BK86complete booklet$45.00  
BK98complete booklet$30.00  
BK100complete booklet$65.00  
BK104complete booklet$10.00  
BK116FDR and Washington, $2 booklet$5.00  
BK1191278ae & 1393ae$8.00  
BK122$1 Eisenhower$3.00  
BK1271280c & 1595a$2.75  
BK128$2.99 Liberty Bell$7.00  
BK133A Eagle, full booklet$6.00  
BK134$2.40 Roses$5.00  
BK136'B' Eagle$10.50  
BK138$1.20 Flag booklet$3.00  
BK139Flag full booklet$3.00  
BK140$2 Flag booklet$5.00  
BK140A$4 Flag booklet$10.00  
BK140BEagle Express Mail$50.00  
BK141'C' Eagle$8.00  
BK142Birhorn Sheep full booklet$12.00  
BK143'D' Eagle$15.00  
BK144Flag full booklet$2.25  
BK146$4.40 Seashells booklet$8.00  
BK148Express Mail$50.00  
BK149Express Mail$50.00  
BK150$5 Jack London, complete booklet$10.00  
BK151$1.50 Jack London, complete booklet$3.00  
BK152$3 Brown and Blue Jack London$5.00  
BK153Stamp Collecting$3.00  
BK155Special Occasions$11.00  
BK156Flag and Fireworks$8.00  
BK157$5 E stamp booklet$11.00  
BK161$3 Flag$5.00  
BK162US Constitution full booklet$12.00  
BK163$4.40 Steam Locomotives$10.00  
BK164Classic Cars$12.00  
BK169Love, complete booklet$10.00  
BK170$3 Beach Umbrella$10.00  
BK171Blue Jay$25.00  
BK172Blue Jay full booklet$4.00  
BK174$5.80 Black and red Duck booklet$10.00  
BK175Duck full booklet$12.00  
BK176African Violet, complete booklet$5.00  
BK179Indian Headresses$25.00  
BK181Christmas Tree$10.00  
BK183'F' Stamp$12.00  
BK185$5.80 Tulip booklet$10.00  
BK187Balloon full booklet$7.50  
BK189Fishing Flies full booklet$50.00  
BK190Desert Storm full booklet$11.00  
BK191Comedians full booklet$20.00  
BK192Space full booklet$20.00  
BK193Madonna and Child full booklet$10.00  
BK194$5.80 Santa Claus booklet$15.00  
BK195Pledge Allegiance flag full booklet$5.00  
BK198red, Pledge Allegiance Flag, $2.90 complete booklet$5.00  
BK199red, Pledge Allegiance Flag, $5.80 complete booklet$12.00  
BK202AMadonna and Child full booklet$10.00  
BK203Christmas Toys full booklet$15.00  
BK204Rock and Roll full booklet$10.00  
BK207$5.80 Space Fantasy booklet$10.00  
BK208Garden Flowers full booklet$12.00  
BK209Broadway Musicals full booklet$11.00  
BK210Country and Western, complete booklet$10.00  
BK211Madonna and child, complete booklet$10.00  
BK212Christmas full booklet$17.00  
BK213Aids, complete booklet$6.00  
BK214Love, complete booklet$10.00  
BK215Garden Flowers booklet$10.00  
BK216Steam Locomotives full booklet$12.00  
BK217Madonna and Child full booklet$10.00  
BK218Stocking, complete booklet$10.00  
BK219$3.20 G Flag full booklet$11.00  
BK221$6.40 Flag booklet$12.00  
BK222$6.40 G Flag full booklet$12.00  
BK223red G, complete booklet$15.00  
BK226Flag over Porch full booklet$12.00  
BK229Love, complete booklet$11.00  
BK230Lighthouses full booklet$22.00  
BK231Garden Flowers, complete booklet$11.00  
BK232Madonna and child, complete booklet$12.00  
BK234Garden Flowers bull booklet$12.00  
BK242APheasant, complete booklet$20.00  
BK242BRoses, $4.95 booklet$9.50  
BK259Statue of Liberty, complete booklet$10.00  
BK261Botanical prints, complete booklet$18.00  
BK264Christmas Holly booklet$9.00  
BK270Christmas Wreath booklet$50.00  
BK273Ballet, makeshift complete booklet$9.00  
BK274Space, makeshift complete booklet$9.00  
BK276BReindeer ATM booklet$20.00  
BK279Submarines, full booklet$40.00  
BK294Old Glory Booklet$14.00  
BK297Lewis & Clark booklet$15.00  
BKC1F+, complete booklet$175.00  
BKC3VF, complete booklet$20.00  
BKC18C64c, red, slogan 3, complete booklet$300.00  
BKC22Wright & Airplane$3.00