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Mint and Used

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400F  $9.00
400F-VF, H, lt crease, tiny perf tear $100.00 
400XF-Superb, H $190.00 
400F, LH $70.00 
400AF-VF  $14.00
400AVF, H $165.00 
400AXF  $60.00
401VF, perf tear  $3.00
401F  $3.25
401F-VF  $4.25
401F, SE$10.00  
401F, LH $11.00 
401F-VF, H $16.00 
401F, few gum skips, pl #6880B single, few perf seps $25.00 
402VF, H, Blk/4, B margin with pl #, pencil on front of margin 'Last Printing. Very light shade' $325.00 
402F-VF, Blk/4$425.00  
402F  $1.25
403VF, lt cancel, thin, short perf  $10.00
403VF, H, sm dist gum $140.00 
403XF, trace of LH $200.00 
403F, lt crease  $5.00
404VF  $70.00
404VF, LH $825.00 
404F  $30.00
405F  $0.10
405F, Blk/4, T pr H, B pr NH, T margin copy with pl #6577T $19.00 
405bVF, H, booklet pane/6, pl #5776 and light pencil of Scott # in margin $60.00 
406VF, HH $5.00 
406VF  $0.25
406F  $0.10
406F, Blk/4, T pr H, B pr NH $17.00 
406F-VF Blk/4$32.00  
406F, LH $3.00 
407F  $3.75
407F-VF, nibbed perf, pencil on gum$70.00  
407F-VF  $6.00
408F-VF, Kansas City roulette. Block/4 with natural SE at T. Initialed in pencil on the LL copy$100.00  
408VF, L margin Blk/4$7.00  
409VF Blk/6, L margin copies$12.00  
409VF vert pr, LH $2.00 
410AVE-F, paste-up pr$20.00  
410VF, LP$60.00  
411VF pr$50.00  
411F pr$21.00  
411F-VF pr, LH, pencil on gum $10.00 
411F-VF pr$35.00  
411F-VF, LH $6.00 
411F pr, LH $11.00 
412F paste up pr$70.00  
412VF, H, paste-up pr $80.00 
412F, LP, pencil on gum on one stamp$125.00  
412F-VF pr, LH $38.00 
412VF  $22.00
412F-VF pr$85.00  
412VF, H pr, lt gum bend $50.00 
413VF, tiny crease  $17.00
413VF pr$225.00  
413F-VF pr, nibbed perf$145.00  
413VF pr, copy of 1992 PF cert for strip/4$260.00  
413VF  $25.00
414F  $0.75
414F, disturbed gum, pl #5718B single $45.00 
415VF, H $45.00 
417VF, LH $45.00 
418F-VF, LH $53.00 
418F-VF, spot of dull gum $55.00 
418XF, well balanced wide margins$350.00  
418VF, pl #6833L single$200.00  
419F, H, pl #6908T single $80.00 
419VF, H $160.00 
419VF, H, underinked at LR $140.00 
420F, H $45.00 
420F-VF, trivial gum crease$140.00  
422F, LH $88.00 
422F-VF, H, pl # single at B, rare $400.00 
424F  $0.08
424AVE  $0.05
424F-VF Blk/4, LH at T, pl #7370B single $18.00 
424dF, booklet pane/6$3.00  
425F-VF  $0.20
425eF-VF, complete pane, with pl #7250, tiny natural gum skip $45.00 
426F-VF, pink back$20.00  
426VF, pink back$30.00  
428VF, H $30.00 
429F-VF, H $30.00 
430F-VF, pl #6936R single, LH in margin only, stamp NH, lt blue "3" written on margin$135.00  
430VF-XF, H, large margins $100.00 
435F-VF, perf disc on gum side$25.00  
441F, LP$7.00  
441F-VF, LP, fingerprint on gum$5.00  
441F-VF, LP$11.00  
441F, paste up strip/4$5.00  
441F pr$1.50  
441AVE pr$0.75  
441F-VF pr$1.80  
442VF LP, NG $25.00 
442F-VF, H paste up pr $20.00 
442F, H paste up pr $15.00 
442F-VF pr$32.00  
443VF  $43.00
443VF pr$150.00  
443VF, few tiny gum blemishes$40.00  
443F-VF, LP$145.00  
444VF  $40.00
444VF, H, LP, pencil marks on gum $225.00 
444F pr, pencil on gum on one copy$75.00  
444VF pr$250.00  
444VF, guide line shows on R perfs  $38.00
444F-VF, LH $30.00 
446VF, blunt perf at UR  $110.00
447F-VF, LH, pencil on gum $25.00 
447VF, lt crease  $85.00
447VF LP, LH, 1974 APEX cert $225.00 
447F-VF, LH, LP $225.00 
447VF, lt crease, 2010 Weiss cert  $300.00
448VF, nibbed perf  $14.00
450F, LP, tiny scissor cut at UL corner$135.00  
453F-VF pr, 1995 APEX cert$375.00  
453VF  $16.00
453F-VF, lt crease  $8.00
454F pr$140.00  
454F-VF+, LP, 2001 APEX cert$700.00  
454VF pr, 1991 PF cert$350.00  
454F pr, 2009 PSE graded cert F-70$150.00  
455VF-XF pair, PSAG graded 85 cert$50.00  
455F pr, pulled perf$10.00  
455F, H, LP strip/4, few blunt perfs on L copy not affecting LP $30.00 
455F, LP  $75.00
455VF pr$42.00  
455VF, strip/3  $28.00
455F-VF pr$28.00  
455F, pr$18.00  
458F, LP, lt crease, few nibbed perfs at R  $90.00
458VF pr$145.00  
462AVE, rounded corner$1.50  
462F, Blk/4, T pr H, B pr NH $16.00 
463F-VF, Blk/4, T pr H, 1 LH, 1 NH $12.00 
464F-VF, H, pl #6749T single $58.00 
465F  $1.00
465F-VF, pencil and carbon speck on gum$30.00  
465VF  $2.25
465VF, nibbed perfs  $0.75
465F-VF  $1.75
465F-VF, sm tear  $0.25
465F-VF, nibbed perfs  $0.50
465VF, mod cancel  $1.50
466F-VF, H $40.00 
475F-VF, H $110.00 
478VF, pencil note on gum side$1,600.00  
478F-VF  $17.00
478F-VF Blk/4 with Brooklyn, NY roller cancel, lt crease in T pr  $125.00
480F-VF, Blk/4, mute double oval cancel  $150.00
480F-VF  $33.00
482VF, horiz pair$5.00  
482VF, Blk/4$9.00  
482F-VF Blk/4, T pr H, natural gum skips $5.50 
483XF, L margin Blk/10 (2 vert by 5 horiz), H, pl #8131, lt margin creases $100.00 
483VF, LH, Blk/4 $43.00 
483VF, LH, pr $20.00 
483VF, LH, paste up pr with pl #8196, Schmerack Type III private perfs $15.00 
483VF, Blk/4, Horiz guide line, lt crease$75.00  
483VF, Blk/4, tiny "C.R." stamped in ink on back  $40.00
483VF, Blk/4, L margin copy, lt crease  $30.00
484VF, B margin Blk/4$75.00  
484VF pr, trivial gum crease$35.00  
484VF, LH $9.00 
484VF Blk/4$60.00  
484VF, Blk/4, T pr LH, B pr NH $45.00 
484VF pr$33.00  
486VF pr$4.00  
486F, lt stain covering 50% of stamp$0.50  
486F-VF pr$2.75  
486VF, H sm paper adhesion to face, with part of leader strip $0.25 
486F pr$1.75  
486F-VF LP, LH, lt dist gum, few trimmed perfs $1.00 
486F-VF, LP$6.00  
486VF pr, ink speck on gum$2.00  
486VF, LP, lt pencil on gum$8.00  
486VF, LP$9.00  
486F, LP$4.00  
486F, LP, T copy H $3.00 
486VF, LP, few nibbed perfs$6.00  
486F-VF, H $28.00 
487F-VF pr$40.00  
487VF pr$60.00  
488VF pr$15.00  
488F  $2.25
488F-VF pr$10.00  
488F pr$6.00  
488F-VF pr, tiny gum blemish$5.00  
488VF pr  $17.00
488F-VF pr  $11.00
488VF, LP$90.00  
488F pr  $7.50
488VF pr, nibbed perf  $12.00
488F-VF pr, nibbed perf  $8.00
489F pr  $4.00
489F-VF, pencil on gum$5.00  
489F-VF LP, dist gum, only part o.g. $10.00 
489F-VF pr  $5.50
489F-VF pr, blue violet, crease  $2.00
489VF pr, lt crease  $4.00
489VF pr  $8.00
489VF pr, moderate cancel  $5.00
489F-VF, LP, tiny dist gum speck $25.00 
489F pr, tiny facial scuff$5.00  
489F pr$8.00  
489F-VF pr, H, tiny thin $5.00 
490F, LH, LP $1.25 
490VF, LP$7.00  
490VF pr, tiny stain$1.00  
490F-VF, pr$1.50  
490F-VF, LP$5.00  
490F, LP$3.00  
490F-VF, paste up pr$5.00  
490VF, LP, missing perf UL$3.00  
490VF, LP, lt crease UL$3.00  
490F pr, H $0.50 
490VF pr$2.50  
490XF, LP, tiny light crease$7.00  
491F-VF  $600.00
492F-VF pr, LH $12.00 
492F-VF pr, short perf$22.00  
492F-VF, LP, tiny carbon spot on gum$75.00  
492F pr$16.00  
492F-VF pr, pencil on gum on one stamp$28.00  
492F, H, tiny perf thin $2.00 
492F-VF  $0.55
493F, LP  $30.00
493VF, few trimmed perfs at UR corner  $1.50
493VF pr, lt crease  $9.00
493F pr  $6.00
493F-VF pr  $7.50
493F pr, lt crease  $3.00
493VF pr$70.00  
494VF  $2.25
494F-VF pr$32.00  
494F pr$20.00  
495F-VF, LP, pencil on gum on one stamp$100.00  
495VF pr, LH, pencil mark on gum $16.00 
495VF pr$50.00  
496VF, lt crease$2.50  
496VF pr, LH $8.00 
496VF, LP$55.00  
496F-VF  $1.50
496F-VF, paste up single$5.00  
496VF, LH $2.00 
496VF, nibbed perf$3.00  
496F-VF pr$10.00  
496VF, sm gum stain$5.00  
496F-VF LP$35.00  
496F pr$6.00  
496AVE-F, H, LP, carbon speck on gum $14.00 
497VF pr$90.00  
497F-VF, few blunt perfs  $5.00
497F-VF pr  $36.00
497F, LP$110.00  
497F-VF pr, LH $25.00 
497VF-XF pr$100.00  
497VF, LP, lt creases on L copy  $100.00
498eF, pane/6,pl #9180, disturbed gum $1.50 
499AVE-F, four strips/3, pl #8954, one strip for each position: L, R, T, B.$35.00  
499F, SE, H $0.05 
499F, SE$0.10  
499F-VF, SE$0.15  
499F-VF  $0.15
499F-VF, H $0.20 
499F  $0.10
499F, LH $0.15