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3403-PNStars And Stripes$13.00  
3404-07-PRBerries coil strip/4$12.00  
3408-PNLegends Of Baseball$13.00  
3409-PN60¢ Space Achievement$10.00  
3410-PN$1 Space sheet$14.00  
3411-PN$3.20 Space sheet$18.00  
3412-PN$11.75 Space Achievement World Stamp Expo$35.00  
3413-PN$11.75 Space Achievement$35.00  
3414-17Stampin the Future$2.50  
3414-17-PNStamping The Future$13.00  
3420Joseph Stilwell$0.20  
3422Wilma Rudolph$0.35  
3426Sen. Claude Pepper$0.65  
3427Margaret Chase Smith$1.00  
3427AJames A. Michener$1.00  
3428Jonas Salk$1.15  
3430Harriet Beecher Stowe$1.50  
3431Sen. Hattie Caraway$1.50  
3432Sen. Hattie Caraway$3.00  
3432AEdward Trudeau$1.25  
3432BMary Lasker$1.25  
3433Edna Ferber$1.50  
3434Edna Ferber$1.50  
3435Albert Sabin$1.50  
3436Wilma Rudoph booklet single$0.35  
3436dWilma Rudolph booklet pane$4.00  
3438California Statehood$0.65  
3439-43Deep Sea Creatures$3.50  
3439-43-PNDeep Sea Creatures$10.00  
3444Thomas Wolfe$0.65  
3445White House$0.75  
3446Edward J. Robinson$1.50  
3446-PNEdward J. Robinson$35.00  
3448Flag Over Farm$1.00  
3449Flag Over Farm$0.65  
3450Flag Over the Farm, ATM booklet single$0.75  
3451Statue of Liberty, booklet single$0.60  
3451aStatue of Liberty$13.00  
3453Statue of Liberty, coil single$0.60  
3462-65Flowers coil strip$18.00  
3467American Buffalo$0.45  
3468Bison, self adhesive coil$0.40  
3468AWashington, green$0.45  
3468-PRBison, self adhesive coil$0.75  
3470Flag Over Farm S/A$0.85  
3471Art Deco Eagle$0.95  
3471AArt Deco Eagle$1.00  
3472Capitol Dome$6.00  
3473Washington Monument$20.00  
3477Statue of Liberty, self adhesive coil$0.60  
3477-PRStatue of Liberty, self adhesive coil$1.10  
3482aWashington booklet pane/10$4.50  
3485aStatue of Liberty booklet pane/10$6.00  
3485bStatue of Liberty, complete booklet/20$12.00  
3490eFlowers booklet pane/20$18.00  
3491-92Apple and Orange booklet pair, cut 11.25$1.25  
3491-92bApples And Oranges$13.00  
3493-94Apple and Orange booklet pair, cut 11.5 by 10.75$1.75  
3495aFlag over Farm, ATM booklet pane/18$11.00  
3496aLove booklet pane$15.00  
3497aLove booklet pane$16.00  
3499Rose, Love Letter$1.00