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Mint and Used

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3203Cinco de Mayo$0.65  
3204Sylvester And Tweety$0.70  
3204-PNSylvester And Tweety$7.00  
3205-PNSylvester and Tweety$12.00  
3207Wetlands coil, water activated gum$0.15  
3207AWetlands coil, self adhesive$0.15  
3207A-PRWetlands coil pair, self adhesive$0.25  
3207-PRWetlands coil pair, water activated gum$0.25  
3208Diner coil, water activated gum$0.40  
3208ADiner coil, self adhesive$0.40  
3208A-PRDiner coil pair, self adhesive$0.75  
3209-PNTrans Mississippi$11.00  
3210-PN$1.- Trans Mississippi$20.00  
3211Berlin Airlift$0.65  
3212-15Folk Singers$3.50  
3212-15-PNGospel Singers$15.00  
3216-19Gospel Singers$3.50  
3220Spanish Settlement Of The Southwest$0.65  
3221Stephen Vincent Benet$0.65  
3222-25Tropical Birds$2.35  
3226Alfred Hitchcock$0.85  
3227Organ and Tissue Donation$0.65  
3228Bicycle coil single, self adhesive$0.20  
3228-PRBicycle coil pair, self adhesive$0.35  
3229Bicycle coil single, water activated gum$0.20  
3229-PRBicycle coil pair, water activated gum$0.35  
3230-34Bright Eyes$3.00  
3230-34-PNBright Eyes$9.00  
3235Klondike Rush$0.65  
3236-PNAmerican Art$15.00  
3238-42Space Discovery$3.50  
3238-42-PNSpace Discovery$13.00  
3243Giving And Sharing$0.65  
3244aMadonna And Child$12.00  
3248bChristmas Wreaths$20.00  
3248cChristmas Wreaths$25.00  
3249-52Christmas Wreath$7.00  
3252cChristmas Wreaths booklet pane$30.00  
3257Weather Vane - # starts with P$0.15  
3258Weather Vane - # starts with B$0.15  
3259Uncle Sam$0.40  
3260H stamp$0.70  
3261$3.20 Space Shuttle$5.50  
3262$11.75 Space Shuttle$21.00  
3263Uncle Sam coil single, self adhesive$0.35  
3263-PRUncle Sam coil pair, self adhesive$0.60  
3264Uncle Sam Hat coil single, water activated gum$0.60  
3264-PRUncle Sam Hat coil pair, water activated gum$1.10  
3265Uncle Sam Hat, coil single, self adhesive$0.60  
3265-PRUncle Sam Hat, coil pair, self adhesive$1.10  
3266Uncle Sam Hat, coil single, wide backing paper$1.50  
3266-PRUncle Sam Hat, coil pair, wide backing paper$3.50  
3267Uncle Sam Hat booklet single$0.60  
3268Uncle Sam Hat booklet single$0.60  
3268aH, booklet pane/10$6.00  
3268cH, booklet pane/20$13.00  
3269Uncle Sam Hat, booklet single$0.60  
3269aH Rate, complete ATM pane$11.00  
3270Eagle and Shield, coil single$0.20  
3270-PREagle and Shield, coil pair$0.35  
3271Eagle and Shield coil single$0.20  
3271-PREagle and Shield coil pair$0.35  
3272Year of the Hare$0.65  
3273Malcolm X$0.65  
3274Love Wreath$0.65  
3274aLove wreath$10.00  
3275Victorian LOVE$1.00  
3276Hospice Care$0.65  
3277Flag and City, water activated gum$0.60  
3278Flag and City$0.65  
3278FFlag and Skyscraper, booklet single$1.25  
3278FgFlag and Skyscraper, complete booklet$25.00  
3279Flag and Skyscraper, booklet single, red date$0.60  
3280Flag and City coil single, water activated gum$0.55  
3280-PRFlag and City coil pair, water activated gum$1.00  
3281Flag and City coil single$0.60  
3281cFlag and City coil single, self adhesive$0.60  
3281c-PRFlag and City coil pair, self adhesive$1.10  
3281-PRFlag and City coil pair, wide backing paper$1.10  
3282Flag and City coil single, wide backing paper$0.55  
3282-PRFlag and City coil pair, wide backing paper$1.00  
3283Flag and chalkboard, ATM$0.60  
3286Irish Immigration$0.65  
3287Alfred Lunt And Lynn Fontanne$0.65  
3288-92Arctic Animals$4.25  
3288-92-PNArtic Animals$12.00  
3293-PNSonoran Desert$7.00  
3297dBerries, complete booklet$20.00  
3298-3301Berries, die cut 9.5x10$4.00