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Mint and Used

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300AVE, NG $0.60 
300F  $0.10
300VF-XF, nibbed perf  $0.10
300F, crease$6.00  
300F, HH $5.00 
300F, H $6.00 
300AVE  $0.05
300F-VF, H $7.50 
300AVE, LH $2.50 
300VF  $0.20
300F-VF  $0.15
300VF, SE  $0.10
300F-VF, HH $6.00 
300AVE, disturbed gum $1.50 
300AVE, HH, tiny thin $1.25 
300F, sort perf$8.00  
300F-VF, pl #4309T single$20.00  
301F, rounded corner, sm facial thin, SE$5.00  
301F, SE$8.00  
301F, SE, horiz pair from booklet$16.00  
301F, perf tear$6.00  
301F, lt carbon speck on face$10.00  
301F-VF, pl #1534T single$30.00  
301AVE  $0.10
301AVE, LH $3.00 
301F, tiny gum inclusion, corner crease$4.00  
301F, R margin imprint single$15.00  
301F  $0.15
301F, H, Blk/4, crease in LL corner $20.00 
302F, lt gum crease$45.00  
302F-VF, LH, pl #1588B single $40.00 
302F-VF, tiny thin, pulled perf  $0.75
302F Blk/4, UR copy is H, pl #1588T and imprint $150.00 
302F, H $20.00 
302AVE  $0.55
302F, sm crese$40.00  
303XF, H, 2005 PSE graded cert XF90 $110.00 
303F, pl #1477T single$55.00  
303F, sm tear at T  $0.25
303F-VF, LH $38.00 
303F, NG, perf crease $6.00 
303F-VF, H, short perf $28.00 
303XF, H, sharp color $90.00 
303AVE  $0.50
303F  $0.80
304F-VF, H $37.00 
304F-VF, LH $40.00 
304XF, tiny trace of LH, appears NH $100.00 
304F  $0.65
304F, missing UL corner$15.00  
304F, NG, SE $6.00 
304F-VF, H, pl #2225B single $45.00 
304AVE  $0.35
305F, H, B margin imprint single $30.00 
305F  $1.75
305F-VF, H, pl #1598L single $45.00 
305F-VF, NG, SE $8.00 
305F-VF, LH $38.00 
305F, tiny inclusion on gum side$60.00  
305F, perf tear  $1.00
306F-VF, LH $30.00 
306VF  $3.00
306F, LH $18.00 
306AVE, LH $7.50 
306F-VF, few short perfs  $0.50
306F, tiny crease  $0.50
306AVE  $0.60
306F-VF, sm crease  $0.75
306F-VF, NG, perf tear, tiny thin $8.00 
307F, tiny natural gum inclusion $42.00 
307F  $1.25
307AVE  $0.60
307AVE, H $12.00 
307VF, lt cancel, tiny cut  $1.50
307VF, H, pl #1590B single $65.00 
307F-VF, LH $38.00 
308VF-XF, 2014 graded PSE VF-XF85 cert$140.00  
308F, pl #1476L single$40.00  
308F-VF, H, sharp color $30.00 
308F, lt cancel  $4.00
308F-VF, LH, pl #3835L single $40.00 
309F-VF, H, pl #1607T $90.00 
309AVE, H, pl #3209R single $85.00 
309F-VF, LH, nibbed perf $100.00 
309F-VF  $7.50
309XF, LH, short perf at T $165.00 
310F, corner crease, moderate cancel  $10.00
310F, blunt perf  $8.00
310F-VF, huge tear  $2.50
310F, heavy cancel  $8.00
310F  $12.00
310F-VF, lt cancel  $22.00
310VF, H $400.00 
310F, trace of LH $175.00 
311F-VF, mod cancel  $50.00
313VF, 1985 PF cert, mod cancel  $575.00
314VF, Blk/4$125.00  
314XF horiz pr, vert guide line$80.00  
314XF pr, large margins$75.00  
314VF, H $12.00 
315F-VF, close at L, huge margin at R, large margins T and B, guide line on B  $900.00
319F  $0.10
319F-VF, Blk/4, T pr LH, B pr NH $14.00 
319F-VF  $0.15
319F, H $2.25 
319F, LH $6.00 
319F-VF, HH, sm thin $1.00 
319F, HH, tiny thin $1.00 
319F, NG $1.00 
320F-VF, H $8.50 
320VF, H $13.00 
320VF, Blk/4, T pr H, B pr NH $90.00 
320VF, pl #3222R single$36.00  
320VF, H, Blk/4 $60.00 
323F, sm gum inclusion$18.00  
323AVE, LH $5.00 
323AVE-F pr, SE, lt crease in B stamp$50.00  
323F, HH, SE $7.00 
323F, gum skip $9.00 
323F, SE, thin, gum stain $3.00 
323F, H $12.00 
323F, sm gum stain $8.00 
323F, short perf, sm gum stain $7.00 
323F-VF, thin$15.00  
323F, Blk/4, natural gum crease$120.00  
323F, SE$7.50  
323F, HH $7.00 
323F, perf tear$15.00  
323F, HH, thin $2.00 
323-27F-VF, complete set  $60.00
324F, LH, lt dist gum $7.00 
324F, Blk/4, SE$80.00  
324F, LH $10.00 
324F, two short perfs$15.00  
324AVE, LH $5.00 
324F, SE$10.00  
324F, large tear$5.00  
324F, LH, nibbed perf at T $7.00 
324F, lt crease, short perf$15.00  
324F, sm cut  $0.25
324F, tiny dist gum $15.00 
324F-VF, SE$20.00  
324F, SE, few clipped perfs$6.00  
324F-VF, H, sm tear $9.00 
324F, LH, lt crease, inclusion $5.00 
324F, tiny tear$12.00  
324F, HH, SE $6.00 
324F, corner crease  $0.40
324AVE  $0.50
324F, H $8.00 
324F, pl #2154B single$35.00  
325AVE, SE$20.00  
325AVE, sm natural missing gum spot $30.00 
325F, NG $10.00 
325F-VF, paper scrape on top-center face of stamp$35.00  
325VF, H, pencil on gum $80.00 
326AVE  $6.00
326F-VF, sm ink adherence to gum $110.00 
326F, nibbed perf  $6.00
326F, lt crease  $6.00
326F-VF, sm cut  $5.00
326F, NG, SE, rounded corner $5.00 
326F-VF  $17.00
326F, SE$60.00  
326F  $12.00
326F-VF, sm perf stain  $8.00
326VF, H $100.00 
327F, HH, SE $40.00 
327XF, moderate cancel  $60.00
327F-VF, trace LH, tiny ink expert mark on gum $175.00 
327F, huge margin copy, LH in ungummed area of margin $175.00 
327AVE, H, crease $15.00 
327F-VF, 2007 PSE cert$275.00  
327F, tiny natural missing gum spot, pencil on gum $140.00 
327VF  $30.00
328F, H, lt crease $8.00 
328F, H $12.00 
328VF, gum skips $28.00 
328F, Blk/4 pl #3543T and imprint. T pr H $75.00 
328F, regummed $5.00 
328AVE  $1.00
328F-VF, H, crease $10.00 
328AVE, Blk/4, tiny gum skip on one copy$50.00  
328F, SE$7.00  
328F, LH, SE $3.00 
328AVE, trace of LH $7.00 
328F  $2.50
328F, H, lt dist gum $6.00 
328AVE, LH $4.00 
328VF, sm ink adherence to gum $40.00 
328F, H, part o.g. $7.00 
328AVE, lt crease$8.00  
329F, Blk/4, sm ink adherence to gum $70.00 
329F, Blk/4 pl #3604T and imprint. T pr H $110.00 
329AVE, LH, sm thin $2.00 
329F, HH $8.00 
329F, LH, lt crease $9.00 
329AVE, crease, gum stain$3.00  
329F, LH, few blunt perfs $5.00 
329F, Blk/4, folded along vert perfs$80.00  
329F-VF  $2.75
329F, H $13.00 
330VF, LH $165.00 
330F, NG $20.00 
330AVE, Blk/4, tiny gum dist, top pr has perf seps and sealed with a hinge $150.00 
330VF, nibbed perf  $25.00
330F-VF, mod cancel  $12.00
330F, H, lt crease $40.00 
330F, H $60.00 
330F, trace of LH $50.00 
330VF, SE at T, moderate cancel  $14.00
330F, NG, crease $10.00 
330F, few nibbed perfs$70.00  
330F-VF, H $65.00 
332F, H $2.50 
332F, H, perf crease $2.25 
332F  $0.15
332XF, PSAG graded 90 cert  $15.00
332F, Blk/4, T pr H, B pr NH, pencil on gum $14.00 
332VF, H $5.00 
332F-VF, H $3.75 
332VF, H, SE from booklet single $3.00 
332F-VF, H, tiny thin $2.00 
332F-VF, HH $3.50 
333F-VF, H $20.00 
334F-VF, H $25.00 
334VF, sm thin, ink backstamp  $0.30
334VF, lt crease$70.00  
334AVE, sm thin  $0.10
335VF, HH, part o.g. $25.00 
335F-VF, H, nibbed perf at LL $25.00 
335VF, H $45.00 
335VF, trace of LH $50.00 
336F, proof like color$60.00  
336AVE, proof like color$30.00  
336VF, LH $60.00 
336F-VF, heavy cancel  $3.00
337F-VF, H, pl #4923B single $55.00 
337F-VF, blunt perf  $1.00
337F-VF, H, lt crease $25.00 
337VF, H, regummed $24.00 
339F-VF, carbon speck on gum$55.00  
339F-VF, H $25.00 
339F-VF, lt crease$40.00  
340VF, 2 nibbed perfs at UL$110.00  
340F, H $30.00 
340VF, tiny gum skip$75.00  
340VF, H, carbon speck on face $50.00 
341F-VF, LH $195.00 
342VF, lt toned perfs at T, precancel  $30.00
342VF  $100.00
342F  $50.00
342VF, lt crease  $70.00
342F-VF, tiny crease  $60.00
343VF, LH $4.00 
343VF, part o.g. $4.50 
343VF, Blk/4, horiz guide line  $20.00
343VF, H, B margin pr $8.00 
343VF, Blk/4, T pr H, B pr NH $25.00 
343VF pr, vert guide line, tiny carbon spot LL corner$15.00  
344VF pr, LH $10.00 
344VF, LH, 3 Blks/4 showing light to dark carmine shades $50.00 
344F  $1.00
344VF, H, guide line strip/3 with US Automatic Vending Type I perfs $25.00 
344VF, stitch watermark  $5.00
345VF, Blk/4, tiny crease  $80.00
346F, Blk/4, T pr LH $140.00 
346VF pr$58.00  
346VF, tiny gum inclusion$15.00  
347VF pr, LH $55.00 
347VF, LH pr $60.00 
347VF pr, H $55.00 
347VF pr$120.00  
348XF pr, large margins, 1990 PF cert$475.00  
348VF pr, lightly folded, sm green ink offset on gum $170.00 
348VF pr, heavy pencil on back  $100.00
348F-VF, LH, LP, 2003 PF cert $200.00 
348F-VF LP, LH, 2000 PF cert $200.00 
349VF, LH, pencil on gum $75.00 
349F-VF pr, photocopy of 1993 PF cert for strip/4$375.00  
349F-VF, LP$500.00  
349VF, LH $100.00 
352F-VF  $125.00
353XF, 2011 Weiss cert  $450.00
353VF pr, mod cancel  $450.00
353F-VF, 2016 PSAG cert  $135.00
353VF  $200.00
353VF, H, LP, two nibbed perfs, 2010 PSAG cert $500.00 
354F-VF pr, mod cancel, about half the perfs were separated and reinforced with hinges  $375.00
367F-VF, dist gum, lt crease $1.50 
367AVE  $0.30
367VF Blk/4, T pr H $30.00 
367F-VF, Blk/4$25.00  
367F, Blk/4, T pr H, B pr NH $12.00 
367VF, Blk/4, SE at B$30.00  
367F, lt dist gum $1.25 
367F-VF, LH $3.00 
367F-VF, few blunt perfs at L$4.00  
367F-VF Blk/4, L margin imprint, UL and LR are H, UR and LL are NH $35.00 
367F, LH $2.25 
367F-VF, NG $1.50 
367F-VF, R margin Blk/4, pl #4983 and imprint, crease in margin, speck of dist gum$35.00  
367F, H $1.75 
368XF, Blk/4, LR copy H $110.00 
368VF, H $13.00 
368VF, NG, Blk/4, sm stain, clipped corner at LL, corner crease $25.00 
368F-VF  $12.00
368F-VF strip/3, one VF, one F-VF tiny cut, one F-VF, tiny scrape on face$50.00  
368VF, Horiz guide line strip/3 with US Automatic Vending Type II private perfs, T copy H, B pr NH $125.00 
369F-VF+  $175.00
369XF, large margins, tiny perf blemish at UL  $350.00
369VF, tiny carbon speck on gum, tiny carbon speck on face by "U"$275.00  
370F, LH $3.50 
370F-VF, SE$5.00  
370VF, regummed $3.00 
370XF, Blk/4, T pr H $55.00 
370F-VF, dist gum $4.50 
370F-VF, LH $6.00 
370VF, H, SE $4.00 
370F, B pl #5249 strip/3$40.00  
370F-VF, Blk/4, T pr H, B pr NH, lt crease in two $20.00 
370VF, Blk/4, folded along vert perfs$60.00  
371VF  $20.00
371VF, H $15.00 
371VF, T arrow Blk/4$135.00  
371VF horiz pr$68.00  
371Superb, Blk/4, vert guide line$175.00  
371F-VF  $10.50
372F-VF, Blk/4, T pr H and stain from brown paper hinge, B pr NH, two perf seps at T $40.00 
372F-VF, H, tiny perf stain $4.00 
372F-VF, Blk/4, T pr H, B pr NH $35.00 
372VF Blk/4, lt crease at UR$65.00  
372F, lt dist gum, tiny stain $3.00 
372AVE, lt dist gum $1.00 
372F, sm gum skip $5.00 
372F, H, lt crease $3.00 
372F, LH, margin single with imprint $6.00 
372AVE, dist gum, LR Blk/4 with sideographer initials $5.00 
372F, NG, tiny stain $1.00 
372AVE, SE, tiny tear$1.00  
372F, H $3.50 
372F, lt dist gum, rounded LL corner $1.00 
372AVE, SE$1.00  
372F, LH $4.25 
372AVE, SE, lt dist gum $0.50 
372F-VF, dist gum, B margin copy w/ pl imprint $10.00 
373VF, V pr  $57.00
373XF, Blk/4, sm brown stain on gum side of UL stamp$160.00  
373VF, horiz pr, sm tear, gum creases$60.00  
373VF, H, horiz pr $48.00 
373VF, H, only 50% o.g. left $12.00 
373VF, Horiz pr with vert guideline, carbon speck on gum$70.00  
374F-VF, NG $1.50 
374F-VF  $0.15
374F-VF, H, SE from booklet single $2.50 
374F, Blk/4, T pr LH, B pr NH, pencil on gum $16.00 
375F-VF  $0.15
375AVE Blk/4$16.00  
375F, Blk/4, T pr LH, B pr NH, pencil on gum $16.00 
375aF-VF, complete pane, with pl #5464$175.00  
376VF, H, nibbed perf $15.00 
376F, perf disc on gum$14.00  
376F-VF, H $14.00 
376VF, H, pl #5136B single $30.00 
376VF, H, tiny thin $12.00 
377F-VF, H $20.00 
377VF, trace of LH $30.00 
377F, H, perf crease $11.00 
377VF, LH $26.00 
377XF, large margins, trace of LH $50.00 
378VF, H $27.00 
378VF, H, sm thin $25.00 
378F-VF, LH, T margin copy with imprint $25.00 
379XF, H, large balanced margins $55.00 
379VF, LH $38.00 
381XF, LH $125.00 
381VF, LH $90.00 
383VF pr, vertical guide line$10.00  
383VF, horiz pr$9.00  
383VF, LH, T pl #A5715 strip/3, tiny thin at UR margin not affecting stamp $20.00 
383VF, center line Blk/4$42.00  
383VF, Blk/4, T pr H, B pr NH $8.00 
383VF, Blk/4, T pr LH, B pr NH, carbon speck on face $10.00 
384F  $0.75
384F-VF  $1.50
384VF, Blk/4, 3 mm. spacing  $15.00
384VF  $2.50
385F pr  $125.00
386F-VF pr$375.00  
386VF LP, H, dist gum, 2007 PF cert notes it is a rejoined LP, tiny thin in T copy $500.00 
386VF, HH $80.00 
387VF pr, pencil on gum$800.00  
390XF, LP, lt natural crease$75.00  
391F, LP$225.00  
391F-VF, clipped perfs at T  $10.00
391F-VF, lt crease  $25.00
391VF, LH, strip/4 with joint line, clipped perfs on B copy $175.00 
391F-VF, pulled perf  $18.00
392F-VF LP, LH $125.00 
393F-VF  $30.00
394VF, very LH, LP $400.00 
395XF pr, 2003 APEX cert$525.00  
396XF, H, LP $475.00 
396F-VF pair, LH, two nibbed perfs $125.00 
396F+ pr, tiny natural speck on face at TR$130.00  
396F-VF, LP$650.00  
396VF, H, LP, sm thin $325.00 
396F-VF LP, LH, 2006 PF cert $300.00 
397VF, LH $18.00 
397F-VF, trace of LH $12.00 
397VF, lt disturbed gum $27.00 
397VF, H, pencil on gum $16.00 
397F-VF, LH, lt toning $7.00 
397F-VF  $1.00
397F  $0.60
397VF, Blk/4, T pr LH $75.00 
397F-VF, LH, tiny corner cr $6.50 
397F-VF, regummed $6.00 
397VF  $1.75
397F, regummed $3.00 
397F-VF, H $10.00 
397F, H $7.00 
397F-VF, sm gum skip$15.00  
398F, Blk/4$100.00  
398F, SE, lt crease$3.00  
398F, carbon speck on face$10.00  
398F-VF, H $10.00 
398F, H, lt crease, glazed gum $3.00 
398VF, HH, SE $9.00 
398F, LH $8.00 
398F, SE$5.00  
398F, SE, lt stain on gum$3.00  
398F-VF, HH $11.00 
398F-VF, LH, one blunt perf $9.00 
398F, dist gum $8.50 
399VF-XF, pencil on gum, tiny dist gum spot $85.00 
399F-VF, Blk/4$400.00  
399F-VF, lt cancel  $9.00
399VF, carbon speck on face$110.00  
399F-VF  $7.00
399F, H $40.00 
399F-VF, tiny dist gum $75.00 
399VF, LH $75.00 
399VF, H $70.00 
399VF, H, tiny pencil mark at B on face $50.00 
399VF, H, few blunt perfs at B $50.00