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Mint and Used

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205F, perf crease  $2.00
205F-VF, H, rounded corner, few short perfs $100.00 
205VF, pin hole, pen cancel  $2.00
205F-VF, H $200.00 
205F, few short perfs, lt toning, sm thin, 50% original gum $50.00 
205F-VF, pin hole  $2.00
205F-VF, perf tear  $4.00
205F-VF, H, sm thin $100.00 
205VF, reperf at L  $2.50
205F  $5.00
205F-VF, lt cancel, thin  $2.00
206F, HH $35.00 
206F-VF, HH, tiny cut UL $25.00 
206AVE, H, part o.g., sm thin $9.00 
206F-VF, NG $15.00 
207F, SE at L with triangle layout line in UL corner$35.00  
207F, short perfs at UR corner$50.00  
207F, Blk/4, lt crease, UL copy has small spot of disturbed gum$175.00  
207XF, enormous boardwalk margins, partial target cancel  $30.00
207F, lt corner crease$95.00  
207F-VF, LH $45.00 
208F-VF, mod cancel, few short perfs, pin hole  $20.00
208F  $40.00
208F, mod cancel, blunt perfs at T  $0.50
209VF, large tear  $1.00
209F-VF, LH, tiny perf crease $100.00 
209F, clipped perfs  $1.00
209F, lt crease  $1.25
209F-VF, wide margin at T, NG $30.00 
209F-VF, regummed $45.00 
209F, LH $65.00 
209F, nibbed perf$125.00  
210VF, NG, tiny facial blemish by mouth $5.00 
210F, regummed, blunt perf $6.00 
210F, regummed, SE $2.50 
210F-VF  $0.35
210F  $0.20
210F-VF, rounded corner  $0.25
210F, regummed, sharp color $5.00 
211VF  $25.00
211F, few trimmed perfs  $2.00
211VF, perf crease  $15.00
211F-VF, mod cancel, lt crease  $8.00
211F  $6.00
211F-VF, ink backstamp  $13.00
211VF, rounded corner  $15.00
211F, few nibbed perfs  $4.00
211F-VF, regummed, few blunt perfs, trace of cancel  $10.00
211VF, SE, lt crease  $6.00
212F, H $45.00 
212VF, H, regummed $40.00 
212VF  $2.00
213AVE, lt dist gum $10.00 
213F-VF, tiny nibbed perf,$70.00  
213F-VF, LH margin copy, partial double perfs in margin $40.00 
213F, regummed $5.00 
213F, LH, pencil on gum $20.00 
213F, regummed, nibbed perf $5.00 
213F  $0.15
213VF, trace of LH, lt pencil on gum $48.00 
213AVE  $0.10
214F-VF, tiny tear  $20.00
214F  $27.00
214F-VF, mod cancel, nibbed perf  $21.00
214F, tiny thin  $16.00
214F, B margin pr with pl #421, nibbed perf at UR corner$150.00  
214F, enormous margins at B and R  $15.00
215F, pulled perf  $5.00
215VF, HH, nibbed perf, looks regummed $60.00 
215F, large H area with some missing gum $75.00 
215F, pin hole, large tear  $1.00
216VF, sm crease, sm thin  $5.00
216F, few short perfs  $5.00
216F, thin  $3.00
216AVE, H, tiny thin $45.00 
216XF, thin, lt crease  $15.00
217VF, sm tear  $85.00
217F-VF, lt wrinkle, lt toning  $72.00
217XF, trace LH, reperf at R, 2015 PSE cert $200.00 
217VF, heavy cancel  $100.00
218VF-XF, lt crease  $200.00
218XF, lt cancel, 1995 PF cert  $550.00
218XF, tiny thin, lt crease  $125.00
218F, thin, facial scrape pin hole, red and black cancels  $25.00
219F, LH $8.00 
219F  $0.20
219AVE  $0.15
219DF-VF, SE  $0.60
219DF, SE  $0.40
219DF, lt crease  $0.25
219DF-VF, heavy cancel  $0.50
219DF, few short perfs  $1.00
219DF, SE, lt crease  $0.25
219DF  $2.00
219DF-VF, HH $160.00 
219DF, SE, trimmed perfs  $0.20
220VF, HH, regummed, sm thin $4.00 
220AVE, NG $2.00 
220F-VF, few blunt perfs  $0.20
220F-VF  $0.30
220F-VF, H, SE, thin $5.00 
220VF, NG, perf thin $5.00 
220AVE  $0.05
220F, toned perfs, fancy purple star cancel  $1.00
220F Blk/4, 2 LH, 1 NH, 1 sm thin $63.00 
220F  $0.10
220F, H, sm thin $5.00 
220VF, H, sm thin $12.00 
220F-VF, HH, regummed, sm stain $5.00 
220aF-VF  $7.00
220aF  $5.00
220cVF, lt crease  $22.00
220cF-VF  $22.00
220cF  $15.00
220cVF  $30.00
220cVF, few nibbed perfs  $15.00
220cF-VF, lt crease  $15.00
221F, tiny brown speck on B perf$40.00  
221VF, LH $82.00 
221VF, trimmed perfs at L  $2.00
221F, LH $40.00 
222F, sm natural gum skip$85.00  
222F, pulled perf$50.00  
222F  $1.50
222F, LH $33.00 
222F, missing UR corner$12.00  
222F, tiny tear  $0.50
222VF, trace of LH, huge margins on 3 sides $125.00 
222VF, HH $85.00 
223VF, LH, tiny pin hole $60.00 
223F-VF, SE, lt crease  $1.00
223F-VF, trimmed perfs  $0.50
223VF, LH $70.00 
223F-VF, tear  $1.00
223F, lt crease  $0.75
223F-VF, lt crease, tiny thin  $1.00
224VF, LH, part gum dist $40.00 
224F, mod cancel  $6.00
224VF, regummed $35.00 
224F-VF, H, lt crease $45.00 
224F, tiny inclusion on gum side$65.00  
225F  $6.00
225VF, H $55.00 
225F-VF, sm thin  $5.00
225F, sm thin, fancy star cancel  $5.00
225F, lt crease, few blunt perfs  $3.00
225F-VF  $10.00
226F, perf missing UR corner$100.00  
226AVE-F, H $60.00 
226F-VF  $2.50
226F, H, tiny perf crease $75.00 
226F  $2.00
226F-VF, H, sm thin $55.00 
226F-VF, H $110.00 
226F-VF, SE  $1.00
226F-VF, tiny thin  $1.00
226F-VF, regummed, short perf $40.00 
227F, blunt perf  $8.00
227F, LH $87.00 
227F-VF, H $150.00 
227VF, heavy cancel  $10.00
228F-VF, HH $190.00 
228F, lt crease  $10.00
228VF, SE, H, sm thin $110.00 
228F-VF+, LH, sharp color $225.00 
228XF, HH, sm thin $400.00 
228F-VF, mod cancel, perf tear, clipped perf  $8.00
228F-VF, LH, regummed $125.00 
228F, H, nibbed perf $100.00 
228F-VF, regummed, black marker at UL conceals facial scrape $40.00 
229AVE  $30.00
229VF, H, lt wrinkle, few blunt perfs, lt dist gum $400.00 
229F, SE  $25.00
229F-VF, mod cancel  $85.00
229F, H, tiny thin $125.00 
230F, LH, lt crease $7.00 
230F, LH $10.00 
230F-VF, H $14.00 
230F, L margin copy$20.00  
230F, R margin imprint copy$22.00  
230VF, nibbed perf$34.00  
230F-VF  $0.25
230F, LH, sm thin $4.00 
230F, gum skip, crease $3.00 
230VF, lt dist gum $18.00 
230F-VF, H, few toned perfs $4.00 
230F-VF, few toned perfs$10.00  
230F, 2 staple holes$3.00  
230F-VF, facial scrape$1.00  
230F, paper adhesions on gum $4.00 
230VF, paper adhesions on gum $11.00 
230F-VF, sm gum adhesion, few blunt perfs $5.00 
230F, sm crease$6.00  
230F, LH, 2 missing perfs $2.50 
230F, H, sm sealed tear at T $4.00 
230F-VF, sm crease$20.00  
230F-VF, sm crease  $0.10
230VF, H $21.00 
230F-VF, H in margin only, UL copy with huge sheet margins at T and L $35.00 
230AVE, LH $2.50 
230F  $0.15
230F-VF, L margin copy$35.00  
231F, sm gum stain $4.00 
231F, SE, traces o.g. $0.75 
231F-VF, sm stain at T$6.00  
231F-VF, few nibbed perfs  $0.10
231VF, NG $7.00 
231F, margin copy, pl imprint at L$20.00  
231AVE  $0.05
231F, few ragged perfs$7.00  
231F-VF, HH $12.00 
231F-VF, H $14.00 
231VF  $0.25
231F-VF, LH $15.00 
231F, broken frame line$20.00  
231F-VF, regummed, pulled perf $1.00 
231AVE-F, broken frame line$18.00  
231F, LH, dist gum $5.00 
231VF, nibbed perf at B$21.00  
231VF, LH $19.00 
231F-VF, LH, regummed $5.00 
231F, H, few short perfs $3.00 
231AVE, H $5.00 
231F, traces o.g. $1.00 
231F-VF, H, regummed, enormous margins at T and R $5.00 
231F-VF, crease, thin$6.00  
231F, LH $5.50 
231F, heavy crease$5.00  
231F-VF, perf crease$20.00  
231F-VF  $0.20
231F-VF, toned gum$18.00  
231F, LH, tiny thin, corner crease $3.00 
231F, two perf stains, few ragged perfs$5.00  
231F, broken frame line, clipped perfs  $0.10
231F-VF, H, sm thin $6.00 
231F, gum skip $5.00 
231F-VF, Broken Hat variety$110.00  
231F, carbon spot on gum$10.00  
231F-VF, regummed, sm tear $3.00 
231F-VF, H, sm thin, few blunt perfs $4.00 
232F  $5.00
232F-VF, NG, pen on back $20.00 
232VF, H $55.00 
232F, sm facial scrape at LR$15.00  
232F-VF, carbon speck on gum$50.00  
232AVE, short perf$22.00  
232F-VF, nibbed perf  $7.00
232F, HH $22.00 
232F, gum skip, tiny facial scuff at B $10.00 
232F-VF, lt crease  $5.00
232F, very LH $40.00 
232F-VF, clipped perf  $5.00
232F-VF, tiny facial scrape on LR perf causes tiny thin$45.00  
232VF, regummed $20.00 
232F+ Blk/4 with pl #56B and imprint, T pr F and LH, B pr F-VF and NH $115.00 
232VF, NG $20.00 
232F, regummed $12.00 
232F, H, thin, toned $11.00 
232F, NG, jumbo margins $20.00 
232F-VF  $9.00
232VF, lt crease  $8.00
232VF, H, sm corner crease $45.00 
233F, part o.g. $9.00 
233VF, LH, sm stain from hinge $60.00 
233F-VF  $5.00
233F, LH $20.00 
233F, NG $5.00 
233VF  $8.00
233VF, lt crease  $5.00
233F-VF, rounded corner$60.00  
233F-VF, H, short perf $40.00 
233VF, tiny facial scrape$50.00  
233F-VF, lt crease  $4.00
233F, H, tiny thin $24.00 
233VF, tiny gum skip $100.00 
233F, tiny brown spot on gum side$55.00  
233F-VF, lt disturbed gum $100.00 
234F-VF, two blunt perfs  $4.00
234F, H, nibbed perf $35.00 
234F, NG $5.00 
234AVE, regummed $5.00 
234F-VF, LH $34.00 
234AVE, LH, tiny crease $6.00 
234F, SE$20.00  
234F-VF, HH $40.00 
234VF, regummed, few carbon spots on perfs, one short perf $35.00 
234F, crease  $1.00
234F, SE  $1.50
234AVE, tiny inclusion on gum, with R sheet margin $44.00 
234AVE, sm natural gum skip, UR copy with huge sheet margins at T and R $50.00 
234F-VF, SE  $2.50
234VF, HH $75.00 
234F, lt crease, tiny inclusion on gum$55.00  
234F, rounded corner$45.00  
234VF  $8.50
234F-VF, nibbed perfs  $3.00
234F, part o.g. $9.00 
234F-VF, tiny inclusion on face$80.00  
234F-VF, lt stains on 2 perfs$60.00  
234XF-Superb, nibbed perf$200.00  
234F-VF, NG, jumbo margins, sm thin, sm tear $8.00 
234VF, NH, but dist gum $90.00 
234F-VF, sm dist gum area $60.00 
234F-VF, corner crease  $4.00
234F-VF  $5.00
234F-VF, tiny corner crease  $3.50
234VF, mod cancel  $5.00
234F-VF, nibbed perf  $4.00
234F-VF, lt crease  $3.50
234F  $3.00
234F-VF, NG, large tear $2.50 
234AVE, trace of cancel  $2.50
235AVE, L margin imprint copy$30.00  
235F, H $32.00 
235F, NG $10.00 
235F-VF, crease$50.00  
235F, appears grey-blue in color (chemically altered?)$40.00  
235F-VF, H, dist gum $55.00 
235F-VF, one nibbed perf at UR$95.00  
235F, tiny gum blemish $60.00 
235F-VF, lt crease  $6.00
235F, T margin with 'American Bank' imprint, some perf seps$75.00  
235F-VF, H $34.00 
235VF, LH, unpunched perf $45.00 
235VF, blunt perf LR  $15.00
235XF, very lt disturbed gum $150.00 
236VF, HH, large margins, sm thin $30.00 
236F-VF, H $28.00 
236F-VF, LH $48.00 
236F-VF, rounded corner$65.00  
236F-VF, HH, tiny perf tear $35.00 
236VF, H $65.00 
236F-VF, LH, pin hole $15.00 
236F, H, tiny thin, lt dist gum $15.00 
236F, lt crease  $1.00
236F-VF, nibbed perf  $5.00
236F-VF, tiny wrinkle in corner  $5.00
236F-VF, pencil on gum side$85.00  
236F-VF, lt crease, short perf$50.00  
236F-VF, few short perfs  $2.50
236AVE, LH, blunt perfs $12.00 
236F, HH, blunt perfs $18.00 
236F  $3.50
236F-VF, lt crease  $4.00
236F, SE, facial scrape$10.00  
236F-VF  $7.50
237F-VF, regummed $20.00 
237F-VF, H, dist gum $40.00 
237AVE, H $24.00 
237F, regummed $20.00 
237F-VF, LH $50.00 
237F, LH, pulled perf $30.00 
237F, SE, lt crease$25.00  
237F-VF, regummed, lt crease $20.00 
237F, LH, lt cease, lt foxing on gum $25.00 
238VF, LH crease, regummed $100.00 
238F-VF, few blunt perfs  $40.00
238F-VF  $45.00
238VF, thin & lt stain at UL $60.00 
238AVE, HH $70.00 
238XF, disturbed gum $425.00 
239F, regummed, blunt perf $40.00 
239F-VF, tiny inclusion at L, 2017 APEX cert$400.00  
239VF, LH, sharp color $225.00 
239F-VF, LH, regummed $100.00 
239F-VF, HH, lt crease $175.00 
239F-VF, LH $180.00 
239VF, tiny crease  $70.00
239F-VF, LH, perf thin $150.00 
239F-VF, H, sm crease $150.00 
239F  $45.00
239F, H $100.00 
239F-VF, H, sm thin $85.00 
239F, H, perf crease $115.00 
240VF, tiny inclusion on gum side$1,500.00  
240F-VF  $125.00
240F-VF, sm crease UL  $100.00
240F, HH $225.00 
240VF-XF, very LH $1,200.00 
240VF, thin  $120.00
241F, H $500.00 
241VF, LH $1,200.00 
241F-VF, unpunched perf at B  $400.00
241F, sm filled thin, tiny tear  $135.00
241VF, regummed, 2005 APEX certificate $500.00 
241F-VF, LH $850.00 
241F, tiny thin  $275.00
241VF, H, lt toning, tiny thn, nibbed perf $750.00 
243VF, H $1,500.00 
243VF, LH, very lt stain on face $700.00 
244F-VF, carbon speck on gum$4,000.00  
244F-VF+, LH, 2013 PF cert, crisp color $2,300.00 
245XF, LH barely noticeable $3,500.00 
246F, LH $13.00 
246AVE, pulled perf leaves tiny missing piece$5.00  
247F-VF, tiny cut  $0.75
247F, trimmed perfs at B  $0.50
247F-VF, tiny foxing on gum$125.00  
247VF, crease, thin  $0.50
247F-VF, L margin imprint copy, tiny gum inclusion$120.00  
247F, lt gum crease$60.00  
247F-VF, pl #33T single$120.00  
248F, H $14.00 
248XF, trace LH, 2013 PSAG cert $65.00 
248F, SE, lt crease$9.00  
248F, tiny gum skip $11.00 
249F-VF, HH, lt crease, wide margins at T and B $95.00 
249F-VF, blunt perf$250.00  
249F, LH $65.00 
250F, tiny tear, lt crease  $0.25
250F, Blk/4 hinge reinforced  $5.00
250F, Blk/4  $6.00
250VF, NG, large tear $2.50 
250F, Blk/4$140.00  
250AVE, huge margin at B, oddity  $1.50
250VF, 2 tiny tears, pinhole  $0.50
251F-VF, tiny perf disc on gum$650.00  
251F, LH, tiny carbon speck on face $150.00 
251F-VF, Blk/6, mod cncel, hinge reinforced, some rough perfs  $40.00
251F, large tear, rounded corner, NG $20.00 
251F-VF, regummed, 2004 APEX cert $115.00 
252XF, lt cancel  $50.00
252F-VF, T margin imprint copy but the margin is detached$225.00  
252F-VF, H $80.00 
252F-VF, LH, pl #143L single 2005 PSE cert $150.00 
253XF, H, tiny thin $90.00 
253F-VF, H, nibbed perf $70.00 
253F, H, blunt perfs at T $40.00 
253VF, tiny inclusion on back  $9.00
253F-VF, large tear  $0.50
254XF, tiny inclusion in Lincoln's breast$400.00  
254VF, H $165.00 
255F-VF, few blunt perfs  $3.00
255VF, H, thin $40.00 
255F-VF, H, nibbed perf $50.00 
255F, LH $48.00 
256VF, H, thin $75.00 
256F-VF, H, few lt toned perfs at UL corner $85.00 
256F-VF, H, tiny thin $75.00 
256F  $12.00
258VF+, H $300.00 
258F, very LH, pencil on gum $135.00 
258F, tiny perf tear  $7.00
259F-VF  $40.00
259AVE, lt cancel  $16.00
259VF, trivial corner cr  $48.00
259F-VF, short perf  $30.00
259F-VF, H, lt dist gum, toned perf tip $115.00 
259F-VF, H $175.00 
260F  $66.00
260VF, nibbed perf  $90.00
260F-VF, lt corner crease  $100.00
260F-VF, H $325.00 
261F-VF+, LH $675.00 
261AVF, lt cancel  $700.00
261AF-VF, H, tiny thin spot $850.00 
261AVF, lt cancel, perf thin  $550.00
261AF+, H $900.00 
261AF, H, pinpoint thin speck $600.00 
262F, mod cancel  $500.00
262F-VF, trace LH, 1991 PF cert $1,900.00 
263VF, tiny thin speck, lt toning in UR corner, difficult stamp!  $1,200.00
263F, H, few tiny thins, 2015 PSE cert $1,000.00 
264VF, hinge reinforced  $4.00
264AVE  $0.10
264F  $0.30
264F-VF, lt toning  $0.10
264F, large tear  $0.10
265VF, Blk/4  $15.00
266F, lt crease$20.00  
266-67F pr of Type II and III$200.00  
267F, LH, LL sheet margin blk/4, part arrow $10.00 
267F-VF, Blk/4 hinge reinforced  $1.50
267AVE  $0.10
267F-VF, LH, UL sheet margin blk/4, part arrow $15.00 
267F, SSE, thin, creased  $1.00
267F, LH, LR sheet margin blk/4, part arrow $10.00 
267F, Blk/4, tiny inclusion on gum of LR copy$20.00  
267F  $0.15
268F, H, SE $7.00 
268F-VF, tiny tear  $0.25
268F-VF, H $23.00 
268VF, trace LH $35.00 
268F, nibbed and blunt perfs at T$10.00  
268F, SE$18.00  
268F-VF, H, 2 short perfs, part o.g. $12.00 
269F, tiny gum inclusion$40.00  
269F-VF, LH $25.00 
270VF, LH $33.00 
270VF, missing piece at T  $0.30
271VF, trace LH $115.00 
271F-VF, tiny perf thin at T, pl #184B single$175.00  
272F  $0.75
272F, perf crease  $0.75
272aF, "USIR" wmk, mod cancel, tiny perf thin  $300.00
273F-VF, B margin imprint copy$195.00  
273F, trace of LH $40.00 
273F-VF, Blk/4, lt cancel  $15.00
274F-VF, H $150.00 
275F-VF, tiny thin  $15.00
275aXF, backstamp, 2010 PSAG grade 90 cert  $200.00
275aF-VF, sm tear  $25.00
276F-VF  $60.00
276VF, nibbed perf  $75.00
276F-VF, HH $425.00 
276VF, lt cancel, sm thin  $50.00
276VF, thin  $50.00
276AF-VF  $130.00
277XF, mod cancel, large margins  $600.00
278F, lt than normal cancel, tiny wrinkle  $225.00
278VF, mod cancel  $550.00
278VF, lighter than normal unobtrusive cancel  $575.00
279AVE, H $2.00 
279AVE-F, LH $2.00 
279F, lt cancel  $0.20
279F  $0.30
279F, H, B pl #773 strip/3, ragged perfs at T, natural gum skips in margin $18.00 
279F, LH, B pl #546 strip/3, nartural gum skips in margin $25.00 
279VF, trace of hinge mark $10.00 
279BF-VF, LH $6.00 
279BF, lt crease$8.00  
279BF, Blk/4$38.00  
279BAVE  $0.10
279BF, Blk/4, few perf seps$30.00  
279BF, T pl #876 strip/3$25.00  
280F, tear  $0.30
281VF, sm crease  $1.00
281F  $0.60
281VF, sm facial scrape$20.00  
281F-VF  $1.10
281F-VF, lt crease  $0.75
281VF, lt cancel, few lt toned perfs  $1.00
281F-VF, few perf dimples on gum$50.00  
281F-VF, sm crease  $0.50
281VF  $2.00
281F-VF, lt crease, blunt perf  $0.50
281F-VF, nibbed perf$30.00  
281AVE  $0.35
282F-VF, H $28.00 
282aF, tiny gum crease$60.00  
282CF, LH $70.00 
282CF-VF, tiny gum inclusion$300.00  
283F, SE, missing UL corner$40.00  
283F, Blk/4, short perf  $10.00
283AVE, tiny carbon speck on gum$65.00  
284F-VF, LH, pl #264B single $100.00 
284VF, LH, one blunt perf UR $125.00 
284F-VF, Blk/4  $50.00
284VF, minor gum dist, perf crease $125.00 
285VF, H $22.00 
285F-VF, H, sm tear $4.50 
285F, H, dist gum, pulled perf $3.00 
285F, SE, NG $2.00 
285F, NG $4.00 
285F-VF, LH $20.00 
285F, thin $3.00 
285AVE, SE$11.00  
285F, regummed $4.00 
285F, NG, sm tear $1.50 
285F-VF, lt corner crease, large sealed tear$10.00  
285F-VF, LH, gum crease $15.00 
285F-VF, H, sm crease $13.00 
285F-VF  $4.25
286F, gum skip $9.50 
286AVE  $0.50
286F-VF, B margin pair with imprint and pl #751, tiny tear in margin only$80.00  
286F, T margin horiz pr, pl #749 and imprint$75.00  
286F-VF, LH, pencil on gum $17.00 
286F-VF, perf crease  $1.00
286F, B margin copy, regummed $8.00 
286F, regummed, sm sealed tear $3.00 
286F, H horiz pr with T imprint and pl #624 $28.00 
286F, heavy dist gum $5.00 
286F  $1.00
286F, sm cut at T, lt dist gum $7.00 
286F, LH, SE $3.50 
286F, lt crease$12.00  
286F-VF, short perf, LH, carbon speck on face $12.00 
286F, thin$10.00  
286AVE, H $7.50 
286F, NG pr, T margin imprint pl #686 $18.00 
287VF, LH, traces of light oxidation at T $80.00 
287F, dist gum spot $40.00 
287F-VF, proof like color$175.00  
287F-VF, LH, tiny crease $90.00 
287F, H, nibbed perf $32.00 
287F, regummed, lt crease $25.00 
287VF, H $125.00 
287F, LH $37.00 
287F, lt oxidation$50.00  
287VF, carbon speck on face$250.00  
287F-VF, H, sm tear at T, missing LR corner $15.00 
287F-VF, LH, few toned perfs $50.00 
287F, H, lt oxidation $30.00 
287F, LH, lt oxidation $27.00 
288F, H $37.00 
288VF, short perf  $14.00
288F-VF  $10.00
288F-VF, SE, regummed, sharp color $50.00 
288F-VF, H $90.00 
288F-VF pr, T margin copies w/ imprint and pl #614$450.00  
289F-VF, H, carbon speck on face $50.00 
289F, H $55.00 
289F, H, tiny facial scuff at L $35.00 
289F, HH $40.00 
289F, large sealed tear $15.00 
289F-VF, perf disc on gum$185.00  
289F  $20.00
290F-VF, reperf at B  $10.00
290F-VF  $20.00
290F-VF, mod cancel  $15.00
290VF, tiny crease  $20.00
290F-VF, rounded corner  $17.00
290F-VF, lt cancel, tiny facial inclusion  $15.00
290F-VF, H, perf crease $100.00 
290VF, lt cancel, short perf  $25.00
290VF-XF, LH $150.00 
290F-VF, H $90.00 
291F, LH, dist gum, 3 mm strip at B has no gum, tiny thin at T $275.00 
291AVE  $40.00
291VF, HH $625.00 
291F-VF, LH, 2012 APEX cert $450.00 
291VF, tiny perf thin, moderate cancel  $110.00
291VF, tiny corner crease  $165.00
292VF, lt cancel  $650.00
292F-VF, tiny perf tear, lt ink stamp on back, lt cancel  $425.00
293F-VF, LH, tiny crease LL $1,150.00 
293VF-XF, reperf at L  $700.00
294AVE, SE$3.00  
294VF, SE$20.00  
294F-VF, regummed $5.00 
294VF, H $15.00 
294F  $1.00
294AVE, H $3.00 
294VF, tiny corner crease$32.00  
294F, gum skips $5.00 
294F, NG $1.50 
294F, SE, sm crease$4.00  
294F-VF, LH $10.00 
294F, nibbed perf$12.00  
294F, tiny gum skip$10.00  
294VF, LH, tiny tear on back only $10.00 
294AVE, LH $6.00 
294-99F-VF, H complete set $225.00 
295F, LH $7.00 
295F, trace of cancel  $0.50
295VF, regummed, tear at UL, short perf $5.00 
295F, H $6.00 
295VF, H $15.00 
295F-VF, H $10.00 
295F, lt crease, vignette shifted right - slow train$20.00  
295F-VF, T margin Blk/60, one pl #1092 and imprints, few perf seps, few tiny faults, tiny tear at B$650.00  
295AVE  $0.20
295F  $0.35
295F, sm corner crease$7.00  
295F-VF  $0.65
295F, traces o.g., pl #1092T single $3.00 
295F, NG, few carbon spots on face $4.00 
295F, LH, pencil on gum $7.00 
295F, glazed gum $8.00 
295F-VF, H, dist gum, red ink splatter at UR, lt facial scrape $4.00 
295F-VF, SE, lt crease$7.00  
295VF, tiny crease  $0.50
295F-VF, nibbed perf$18.00  
295F, SE, dist gum $3.00 
295F-VF, SE$10.00  
295VF, LH, LL margin copy, sharp color $18.00 
295F, sm thin, dist gum $2.50 
295XF-Sup, trace of LH, large margins, T margin copy with imprint. Showpiece! $40.00 
295F-VF, dist gum $8.00 
295F, dist gum $4.00 
295VF, dist gum $12.00 
295F-VF, Blk/4$85.00  
295F-VF, lt crease$5.00  
295AVE, UR margin copy with imprint$10.00  
295F-VF, pl #1078T single$35.00  
295F-VF, T margin imprint single, sm facial scrape in margin area only$25.00  
295F-VF, trace LH, nibbed perf $7.50 
295F-VF, SE, dist gum $4.50 
296F-VF, heavy cancel  $7.00
296VF, LH, T margin copy with plate imprint $80.00 
296F-VF, H $45.00 
296F, Blk/4, T pr LH, B pr NH $200.00 
296XF, 2003 APEX cert$350.00  
296F, nibbed perf  $6.50
296F  $8.00
297VF, H $85.00 
297AVE-F, H $30.00 
297F, LL margin copy$75.00  
297F-VF, H $60.00 
297F-VF, H, short perf $50.00 
297XF, tiny thin  $25.00
297F  $7.00
297F-VF  $12.00
297F, trace LH $30.00 
298XF-Superb, H, near perfect centering $200.00 
298F-VF, H $60.00 
298VF, lt gum crease$200.00  
298VF, heavy cancel  $35.00
298F, H $40.00 
298VF  $50.00
298VF, Blk/4$880.00  
298XF-Superb, 2014 PSE graded cert XF-Sup95, one of the best!$1,000.00  
298F-VF, lt toned perf at L$125.00  
298XF, trivial crease  $50.00
298F-VF  $30.00
298XF, vert guide line on R perfs, tiny perf disc on back$220.00  
298F-VF, lt crease  $30.00
298F, nibbed perf, moderate cancel  $15.00
299F-VF, vignette shifted 2 mm low, 'sinking ship'$250.00  
299F, H, margin copy, pl imprint $135.00 
299VF, H, LL margin copy $120.00 
299F-VF, tiny gum skip UL perf, perf disc on gum, T margin imprint copy$125.00  
299F-VF, H $82.00 
299F-VF  $20.00
299XF  $85.00
299F-VF, tiny natural missing gum spot $90.00 
299VF, trace of LH $150.00 
299VF, LH $120.00 
299F-VF, perf indents on gum side$135.00  
299VF  $30.00
299VF, 2013 PF graded 80 cert$275.00  
299F  $10.00