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100AVE-F, 2004 APEX cert  $300.00
101VF, two blunt perfs, lt crease at LR, tidy black grid cancel  $1,000.00
101F-VF, reperf at L and B, moderate cancel  $550.00
112F-VF  $120.00
112AVE  $40.00
112AVE, maltese cross fancy cancel  $40.00
112F-VF, one toned perf at L  $100.00
112VF, NG, sm tear at T, short perf at R $125.00 
113F, thin, few clipped perfs  $10.00
113F, some clipped perfs  $15.00
113AVE, nibbed perf  $15.00
113F, nibbed perf  $25.00
113AVE. corner crease, blue cancel  $15.00
113F, regummed, sharp color $80.00 
113F, sealed tear  $15.00
113VF, lt corner crease  $70.00
113AVE  $18.00
113F-VF, tiny crease UR  $50.00
113VF  $80.00
113F, tiny tear, pulled perf, tiny creases  $13.00
114VF, sm crease at UL  $10.00
114VF, few short perfs, used on piece with Albion, NY maltese fancy cancel  $20.00
114AVE  $3.25
114F, split grill variety  $12.00
114AVE, blue cancel  $3.00
115AVE  $45.00
115F-VF, blue cancel, tiny thin spot  $95.00
115AVE. blunt UL corner  $32.00
115F-VF, 2 nibbed perfs  $110.00
115VF, lt face free cancel, huge side margins, straddle pane at R, lt crease, clipped corner UR  $100.00
115F-VF, fancy geometric cancel, tiny tear at T  $80.00
115F, regummed over thin and small faults, 2002 PSE cert $200.00 
115VF, short perf, pressed out crease  $85.00
115VF  $220.00
116F, thin, heavy cancel  $15.00
116F-VF, nibbed perf, exceptionally strong grill  $75.00
116F, tiny thin  $20.00
116F, lt cancel, one short perf  $80.00
116F-VF  $80.00
116F-VF, nibbed perf  $60.00
116F, heavy geometric fancy cancel  $30.00
117F-VF, tiny thin, scarce red cancel, $300 cat val  $165.00
117F, repaired missing perf  $25.00
117F, blue cancel  $40.00
117VF, tiny thin  $95.00
117F-VF, rounded LR corner, tiny perf tear  $75.00
117VF, black grid cancel and red transit mark  $150.00
117VF, lt red cancel  $260.00
117VF, sealed tear  $75.00
117F-VF, sm thin  $35.00
117VF, pressed out lt crease in UL  $80.00
117F, few nibbed perfs, black and trace of red cancels  $30.00
117F, couple nibbed perfs at B  $15.00
118F  $325.00
118F-VF, 2012 PSE cert  $500.00
118F, 2014 PSE cert, trace of cancel on one perf at R, appears mint  $325.00
119F-VF, mod geometric cancel, tiny repaired tear  $90.00
119F  $75.00
119VF, mod cancel  $200.00
119AVE, sm tear, tiny thin  $20.00
119F-VF, lt cancel  $160.00
120VF, sm facial scuff  $325.00
120VF, short perf, sm black stain, red cancel  $500.00
120F-VF  $425.00
120F-VF, sm tear, nibbed perf, unobtrusive cancel  $195.00
120F  $225.00
121VF, tiny thin spot at UR, 2007 PF cert  $450.00
121VF  $325.00
121VF, lt cancel, perf crease  $425.00
122F-VF, 2014 APEX cert notes removed cancel, regummed to make it appear mint  $1,200.00
122F, nice unobtrusive cancel  $700.00
122AVE-F  $650.00
123F-VF, lt target cancel, 2018 PSAG cert  $290.00
134F, Heavy cancel  $50.00
134VF, target cancel  $175.00
135AF-VF, tiny thin speck, very lt red cancel  $175.00
136VF, tiny cut  $15.00
136F-VF, lt cancel  $19.00
136F, LH, some dist gum $300.00 
136VF  $30.00
136F, mod cancel, pulled perf  $5.00
137F-VF  $375.00
138F-VF, target cancel, sm sealed tear at T  $175.00
138VF, blue cancel, lt crease UR corner  $400.00
138AVF, blue cancel, unfortunate pulled perf at B  $550.00
140VF, two tiny tears, two perf creases, signed on back, blue Cleveland cancel, 2009 PF cert  $2,200.00
141F, lt cancel, reperf at L, tiny repair of two perfs at R  $350.00
141F+, weak grill, few short perfs  $450.00
141F, mod cancel  $600.00
141F-VF, 1986 PF cert, attractive red cancel  $1,000.00
141F, 2 blunt perfs  $525.00
143F-VF, 3 nibbed perfs  $1,500.00
143F, lt cancel, short perf at B, tiny thin, lt pencil expert signature on back  $750.00
143VF-XF, lt cancel, 2004 PSE cert, lt overall toning  $2,500.00
144F, nibbed perf  $800.00
145F-VF  $10.00
146AVE  $4.00
146AVE, lt wrinkles  $2.00
146F, H, toned and glazed gum, sm ink stain on gum side $110.00 
148F pair, clipped perfs at L, amazing boxed negative B cancel  $35.00
148F-VF, sm black stain  $10.00
148VF  $32.00
148VF, few blunt perfs  $25.00
149F, fancy cancel  $50.00
149VF, large margins, reperf at R  $80.00
149F  $40.00
149VF, lt corner crease, nibbed perf  $70.00
149F+, lt brown cancel, attempt to lighten or remove the cancel?  $35.00
149VF  $85.00
149AVE, tiny tear  $16.00
149F-VF, fancy cancel  $80.00
149F, large margins on 3 sides, close at B, trimmed to look imperf  $10.00
149F, thin, few short perfs at LR  $15.00
149F, fancy blue ink masonic cancel  $55.00
149AVE, sm thin,unusual large "S" cancel  $20.00
149F, red cancel  $50.00
149F-VF, fancy cancel, on piece  $70.00
150F, perf crease  $8.00
150VF. tiny crease  $20.00
150F, black fancy cancel, partial red cancel  $12.00
150AVE  $7.00
150F, black target cancel  $11.00
150F, thin, pinhole, well struck ornate 5 pointed star fancy cancel  $20.00
150F, NG, 2004 APEX cert $425.00 
150F-VF, unusual boxed '4' fancy cancel  $20.00
150VF, fancy cancel  $30.00
150F-VF, black grid cancel  $19.00
150F-VF, black Wash DC cancel  $17.00
150F, purple cancel  $15.00
150F, fancy (clover?) cancel  $12.00
150F-VF, short perf  $12.00
150F, black cancel and red Paid cancel  $15.00
150F, blue fancy cancel  $12.00
151F-VF  $110.00
151F  $85.00
151F, short perf  $65.00
151VF, reperf at R  $150.00
151F, crease, few blunt perfs  $35.00
151VF, nibbed perf, heavy cancel  $65.00
151F, few lt wrinkles  $70.00
151F, blunt perf  $55.00
151F, lt crease  $50.00
151F, reperf at B, fancy cancel  $50.00
152F-VF, mod cancel  $95.00
152F-VF, rounded corner perf  $95.00
152F-VF, LH, regummed, few lightly toned perfs $700.00 
152F  $80.00
152F, partial NYFM red geometric cancel, few blunt perfs  $55.00
153F, lt crease  $60.00
153F, reperf at L  $50.00
153F, few blunt perfs, sm tear  $40.00
153F  $90.00
153XF, 2004 APEX cert, moderate cancel  $350.00
153F-VF, heavy cancel  $75.00
154F-VF, nibbed perf, sm sealed tear  $100.00
154VF  $250.00
154F-VF, perf crease  $165.00
154F-VF, mod cancel  $140.00
154F, lt cancel  $120.00
155F-VF, lt cancel  $225.00
155F, mod cancel, lt crease  $95.00
155VF-XF, tiny crease, tiny facial abrasions, 2011 PSAG cert  $250.00
156VF, heavy cancel  $1.00
156F, regummed $33.00 
156F, lt dist gum, pencil on gum $100.00 
156F, pencil on gum, LR perf missing some gum $200.00 
157F-VF, H $175.00 
158F-VF+, H $70.00 
158F, gum stain at T, L margin copy$50.00  
158AVE, lt stains  $0.10
158XF, enormous and well balanced margins, lt cancel  $50.00
158AVE  $0.15
159VF, SE, blunt perfs, huge margin at R  $5.00
159F-VF, nibbed perf  $9.00
159F, heavy corner crease  $4.00
160F-VF, tiny perf crease  $45.00
161F-VF, lt cancel  $15.00
161F, blue fancy cancel  $11.00
161XF  $80.00
161F-VF, nibbed perf, black Paid cancel  $15.00
161F, horiz strip/4, one copy with sm sealed tear, difficult multiple  $40.00
162VF, reperf at L, red NYFM cancel  $75.00
162F, HH, sharp color $825.00 
162F-VF, regummed, bold color $525.00 
165F-VF  $80.00
165F, blunt perf  $45.00
165F-VF, few toned perfs  $65.00
165F, crease, sm tear  $20.00
166F-VF, lt cancel, tiny crease  $125.00
166F-VF, lt corner crease  $100.00
166VF+, lt cancel  $300.00
166F, lt facial scuff  $75.00
166F-VF, 2015 APEX cert, fake grill  $200.00
178VF, mod "13" target cancel  $10.00
178VF, bright color, 2 lt pen strokes to cancel the stamp  $10.00
178AVE, lt cancel  $3.50
179F-VF, LH $425.00 
179F-VF, SE, removed cancel  $8.00
179F, H $250.00 
179VF, wide margin and SE at R, lt crease  $6.00
183F, few blunt perfs  $1.50
183F, short perfs, thin  $0.50
183AVE, crease  $0.75
186VF, mod target cancel  $20.00
187F  $15.00
188VF, lt cancel, ink '100' on back  $30.00
189F, thin  $4.00
189VF-XF, H, black speck on face $250.00 
189F, pin hole, heavy cancel, trimmed perfs  $3.00
189F, pin hole, trimmed perfs  $4.00
189F, heavy damage  $1.00
189F, tiny natural gum inclusion, B margin copy$80.00  
189F, B margin Blk/4, fresh color, scarce multiple$750.00  
190VF  $70.00
190F  $27.00
191F-VF, mod cancel  $200.00