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Mint and Used

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1VF, on piece with red grid cancel  $325.00
1AVE, red cancel, space filler copy  $60.00
2VF, typical red grid cancel  $695.00
2VF, red cancel, rebacked, space filler copy  $120.00
3VF, NG $800.00 
7XF-Sup, black grid cancel, traces of stamp at R, large margins  $550.00
8AVF, lt black cancel, tiny cut at T  $700.00
9F, H, some glazed gum, slight toning on edges $350.00 
9XF, UL copy, huge margins T and L, used on piece w/ Mobile, AL black CDS, proof like appearance  $225.00
9XF, lt blue cancel, 2019 PSE graded XF-90 cert  $210.00
9XF, lt cancel  $300.00
9XF, H, traces of o.g., large margins, close at LR corner only, lt stains not too obtrusive on face $550.00 
10F-VF, large margins on L and R, scarce Gash in shoulder variety, black grid cancel  $150.00
10VF, just in at LL, 3 huge margins, lt cancel, tiny bend at UR  $200.00
10AF, blue town cancel, on piece  $60.00
10AF, green grid cancel, pos 100, two tiny stains  $80.00
10AAVE, tiny cut at T, Paid cancel  $25.00
11F-VF, close at T, huge margins on 3 sides, black grid cancel  $25.00
11F, tiny dist gum, carbon spot at UR on face, tiny gum spot on face at LR $125.00 
11AVE vert pr, T copy heavy crease  $16.00
12VF, black New Orleans cds cancel, 2008 PSE cert  $700.00
12VF+, 3 huge margins, lt town cancel, sm filled thin  $420.00
13F, three lt cancels: blue crayon, black, and red, 2002 PSE cert for F-70, close at L and almost F-VF  $625.00
15VF, T and L margins are huge, attractive black town cancel  $150.00
15Gem, huge margins, L straddle pane margin, corner crease in BL margin, lt pressed out crease at L  $450.00
18VF, lt crease  $475.00
19AVE, sm thin at UR, 1992 PSE cert. Exceedingly difficult stamp  $2,400.00
20XF, light cancel, plate 12 position 7L  $375.00
20VF, thin, lt cancel, proof like impression  $150.00
21F-VF, few short perfs at L, traces of lt cancel, sharp color  $795.00
21F-VF, very lt crease, lt cancel  $1,000.00
22VF, extraordinarily bright color, short perf at B  $325.00
22XF, black July 6, 1858 town cancel, 1997 PF cert  $775.00
23AVE-F, lt black cancel  $375.00
23VF, blue grid cancel, unpunched perf at LL, 2006 PSE cert  $900.00
24F-VF, Type Va, plated and signed by Ashbook on back, blue cancel  $200.00
24F-VF, few sm tears  $10.00
24XF-Sup, lt cancel, scarce type Va from plate 5, extraordinary!  $500.00
24VF, Type Va variety, lt cancel, sm sealed tear, layout lines and position dot at T, strong color  $90.00
24XF, lt black New York cancel  $100.00
24VF-XF, 2010 PSE graded cert$500.00  
24XF, huge margins at T, R, and L. black town cancel.  $100.00
24F, SE  $8.00
25VF, "Dec 6" black town cancel, lt crease  $105.00
25F-VF, lt black town cancel  $80.00
25AVE, regummed, strong color, tiny nibbed perf at B not mentioned on 2019 APEX cert $275.00 
25F, lt black town cancel  $150.00
25F-VF, few nibbed perfs, black town cancel  $75.00
26AVE, short perf  $1.00
26AVE  $1.50
26F, immaculate gum, 2013 PSE cert, uncataloged as NH$125.00  
26AVE-F, dot in LR diamond plate variety  $4.00
26VF+, LH, esp large margins on the L and R $75.00 
27XF+, very light cancel, 2 nibbed perfs at R, tiny 1 mm. stain at B, 2006 APEX cert, incredible copy!  $1,250.00
27F-VF, tiny thin at T, few blunt perfs  $700.00
27VF, black town cancel, 1991 PF cert  $1,600.00
27F-VF, margins on 3 sides, barely in at B, black town cancel, lt red cancel, nibbed perf  $800.00
27F, tiny crease, tiny 'B.L.' expert mark in ink on the back  $395.00
28F-VF, tiny crease, heavy pencil on back  $550.00
30F  $500.00
30F, black grid cancel  $500.00
30AVF, lt red grid cancel, tiny thin, few short perfs at T  $175.00
30AVF, nibbed perf, lt cancel  $275.00
31F-VF, lt black cancel, reperf at B, 2010 PSE cert  $600.00
31F-VF, sm stain, lt crease  $500.00
33F-VF, 1858 New Orleans, LA town cancel  $115.00
33F, blue cancel  $90.00
34VF, pos 64L1, lt cancel, 2013 PF cert, partly reperf at LL, ex-Neinken  $2,000.00
36AVE. black grid cancel  $65.00
36VF, sm corner crease  $175.00
36F, lt cancel  $125.00
36BAVE-F, moderate black grid cancel, nibbed perf  $50.00
37VF, red grid cancel, tiny perf crease UL, tiny stain UR  $300.00
39F-VF, red grid cancel, unobtrusive tiny tear and crease at UR, 2014 PSE cert  $5,000.00
62BF, centered to T, lt face free red cancel, strong color  $800.00
62BF-VF, lt blue cancel, perf tip added at UL corner. Striking color  $750.00
63VF, large gum skip at L, natural SE at L, nibbed perf, sharp color $120.00 
63F, lt blue cancel  $20.00
64F, blue cancel, two repaired perf tips at UL, reperf on R, 2010 PSAG cert  $325.00
65AVE  $0.50
65AVE, space filler  $0.10
65VF, dist o.g., LH, fresh appearance $140.00 
65AVE, NG $10.00 
67F-VF, red grid cancel, 1995 PF cert  $700.00
67F-VF, few short perfs  $450.00
67XF, black grid cancel, red transit cancel, sm stain  $400.00
67F-VF, red grid cancel, few blunt perfs, lt backstamp  $375.00
67bF-VF, red grid cancel, trace black, 2014 PSE cert:tiny faults and reperf at TL, rare olive yellow  $1,200.00
68F  $20.00
68AVE, black town cancel  $10.00
68F+, close at L, trace of cancel  $25.00
68F-VF  $35.00
68F-VF, lt crease, pen cancel  $15.00
68F, nibbed perf, July 4 blue town cancel  $25.00
68XF, large margins  $150.00
68VF, traces of cancel, appears unused  $65.00
68VF, clean town cancel  $55.00
69XF, regummed, tiny speck on face $525.00 
69F-VF, few nibbed perfs  $45.00
69AVE-F, trace of red cancel, appears mint  $25.00
69F, thin, damaged perfs, SE  $10.00
69VF, reperf at T  $90.00
69F, rounded UF corner, black Philadelphia town cancel  $40.00
70F-VF, black grid and ms cancels, 2009 PF cert  $150.00
70bVF, Steel blue. lt bulls-eye cancel  $400.00
70cF, reperf at T, 1988 PF cert  $750.00
71F, NG, lt overall toning, reperf at T, unobtrusive tiny tear at T, 2016 PSE cert $400.00 
71F, few toned perfs at B  $70.00
71F, nibbed perf  $55.00
71AVE, fancy cancel  $50.00
71F-VF, nibbed perf  $85.00
71F-VF, clipped perfs at B  $30.00
72F-VF, reperf at R, black grid cancel  $300.00
72F, lt cancel, few short perfs at T  $150.00
72F-VF, lt black cancel  $400.00
73AVE, NG $23.00 
73F, lt cancel  $20.00
73VF-XF, 3 large margins, red town cancel  $100.00
73F, SE, regummed $30.00 
73VF, sm tear  $40.00
73AVE, tiny thin  $10.00
73VF-XF, traces of o.g, lt crease, sharp appearance $250.00 
73AVE  $15.00
73F, pulled perf  $7.50
73VF, lt cancel, re-backed  $25.00
75AVE, NG, Jumbo margins at T & R, touching at L & B $600.00 
75AVE, few trimmed perfs  $95.00
75F-VF, tiny corner crease, couple nibbed perfs, bold color  $225.00
75XF, lt red cancel, tiny corner crease, 2009 PSE cert  $750.00
75F-VF+  $275.00
76F, blunt perf  $50.00
76VF, lt cancel, short perf  $90.00
76F  $50.00
76AVE. mod cancel, tiny ink backstamp  $18.00
76VF  $125.00
76F-VF  $85.00
76aAVE, lt cancel  $85.00
77AVE, lt cancel  $45.00
77F-VF+, tiny crease UL, lt black grid and trace of red cancel  $135.00
77F, few professionally repaired perfs  $45.00
77F, neat blue target cancel, reperf at T  $60.00
77AVE, nibbed perf at T  $45.00
77VF, rounded corner at LL  $275.00
78F, blue cancel  $150.00
78F, mod cancle, heavy pencil on back  $85.00
78VF, pressed out lt crease  $200.00
78bF+, lt cancel, tiny crease  $100.00
78bF, perf crease  $135.00
78bF, tiny perf tear, crease  $75.00
79F, 1994 PF cert, few typical damaged perfs  $1,000.00
83VF, 1998 APEX cert, tough C grill  $1,100.00
83F-VF, 1992 PF cert, blunt perfs at T not mentioned on cert  $500.00
84AVE, rounder LL corner from missing perf, rare!  $850.00
85F, bold fancy cancel, lt crease, 2015 PSAG cert  $400.00
85BF, few short perfs at T and R, lt pencil 'JW' expertizer on reverse  $400.00
85BAVE, regummed, added perf at UL and few toned perfs, 2015 PSE cert, Rare! $900.00 
85BAVE, unusually strong grill, reperf at R, sm facial inclusion  $245.00
85BF  $700.00
86F  $155.00
86F-VF  $275.00
86F-VF, 2016 PSAG cert, tiny thin at T, lt toning at UR and LL corners, lt cancel  $150.00
86aAVE, black grid cancel, amazing color, 2001 PSE cert  $90.00
87AVE  $35.00
88AVE, SE, short perf  $1.00
88F, crease, SE, short perf, 3 enormous margins  $8.00
88F, sm crease  $5.00
88F, few short perfs  $6.00
88VF, SE, heavy cancel  $7.00
89VF, lt crease  $250.00
89F-VF, nibbed perf, tiny red backstamp  $135.00
89VF-XF, reperf at R, red cancel, very attractive  $450.00
89F, trace red cancel at LL, black cancel, strong grill  $110.00
90F-VF, nibbed perf, repaired perf, signed on back  $175.00
91F-VF, red cancel  $400.00
91AVE  $175.00
91VF, tiny crease, tiny tear, lt cancel, 2005 APEX cert states 'faint grill'  $475.00
91F-VF, mod cancel  $275.00
92F, strong grill   
92F, tiny perf tear at T  $100.00
92F-VF, lt black grid cancel, extraordinarly sharp color, 1868 in pen on back of stamp  $325.00
92F+, few blunt perfs  $125.00
93AVE-F  $20.00
93AVE, lt crease  $12.00
94F-VF, sm tear  $2.00
94AVE, blue cancel  $2.00
94F  $3.00
94F, fancy cancel  $5.00
94F, SE, wide R margin  $1.50
94F-VF, few nibbed perfs  $2.00
94F-VF, lt cancel  $7.00
95XF, tiny crease barely visible in fluid  $800.00
95VF, 1989 APEX cert  $850.00
96F, trace of cancel, sharp color, 1996 PF cert  $150.00
96F-VF, mod cancel, tiny perf tear  $105.00
96AVE, red cancel  $70.00
97F-VF  $175.00
97F, impressive color, lt cancel  $125.00
97VF, NG, Beautifully centered $1,000.00 
98XF, tiny corner crease  $350.00
98F, heavy 9-pointed geometric cancel  $110.00
98F-VF, fancy black pinwheel cancel, partial red cancel  $185.00
99F  $600.00
99F, 1984 PF cert, lt crease, double grill variety  $850.00